Thursday, February 14, 2013

Political Pedophilia..Images of Politicians/Obama USING children

Steal the innocence of Children...Bring them into an "age of cynicism well before it's needed.

You wish to create contemptuous children....Pervs?

Then USE children....include all Perv that you do....while YOU call it ...LIFE...

I call it the DEATH of INNOCENCE

Jimmy Kimmel-Perv Comedian...supports Kids in Politics

Using Children is Evil....

Political Child Molesters or Diddlers.. or simply Pedophiles?

Child Abuse?

Just spent 15 minutes searching for some academia out there that speaks to Politicians and their use of Children. (amazing I can't find much)
Obama will be using kids...these child molesters will sink to the lowest of the low...while "normalizing tattoos have become normalized.

Soon in two or three more generations...90% of the lower political class will be covered in tattoos, and 50% of upper crest will be embodied in all perversions...
one little creepy step at a time...

Didn't the Communists use Children? Didn't the Nazi's use Children...? Mussolini use Children...who else?

It's the Culture Stupid...

Stop Using Your Kids To Push Your Political Agenda --

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