Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WE are Coward NOT to say Communist in the White House Are we Sissys?

Have Communists broken IN to the USA and Stole our System of Governing and NOT calling it what it is....?

Have all of USa....fell for this Usurping of our Constitutional Republic?

yes or no?

Imagine burglars breaking in at the dark of night...You're the time of the next day, you realize YOU are the guests, not the homeowner.

You don't even think to consider that you are NO LONGER the owner....and the burglars are you land lords....and you don't even ask...

are we all sissys for not confronting face to face what is FACING USa?

Hey, I'm the Owner of this house....How did YOU become the Owner of this "WhiteHouse"

Are we too embarrassed? are we not Sissy?

PC, squared by White guilt, propelled by Pop-Culture, promoted by communist run media...I hear the quack but they refuse to SEE that THEY are THE duck...

Pacepa, who served as a top aide in the Romanian communist regime, tells Accuracy in Media, “The Democratic Party has become dangerously infected with the Marxism virus. I recognize the symptoms because I once lived through them, and I believe it is my obligation as an American citizen to help the conservative movement to prevent any further spread of Marxism in my adopted country.”
He adds that he is personally convinced that Obama is a Marxist.
His 1987 book, Red Horizons, exposed the nature of the Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu regime as well as “communist influence operations” directed against the U.S. and other Western nations. The contents of his book were broadcast into Romania on Radio Free Europe and credited with inspiring the counterrevolution that brought down the regime and the execution of Ceausescu.
Although he has written over the years for such publications as The Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator and National Review, his column in PJMedia represents the first time he has warned publicly that international Marxism has assumed a major influence over the Democratic Party. His second column for PJMedia examines appeasement policies by various Democratic administrations.
The issue of communist influence in the Democratic Party has already been on display this year, as blogger Jeremy Segal filmed Democratic Rep. Danny K. Davis, an old ally of Barack Obama in the socialist New Party, accepting an award in Chicago from the CPUSA. I brought this to the attention of Steve Chapman, a “conservative” columnist for the Chicago Tribune, who had attacked Rep. Allen West as crazy for discussing communist infiltration of the Democratic Party. I provided Segal’s video of the awards ceremony to him directly and yet Chapman remains silent.

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