Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why don't we do it in the road...Liberals Sensuality over REASON....

The problem with "nice" people....is that FEELINGS trump REASON.

"you'll do dam what you FEEL like doing".....vs...via Moral Compass....

Should I do what I feel like doing....NO....lets NOT consider "should."

Like Animals liberals promote ones primitive sexual/sensual nature ...OVER what you should...
a BEATLE parody on why we should do it in the road...err shouldn't..

The enlightened person, even civilized is OF the mind.....but NOT in LIBERALISM...body/desires trumps mind/reason.

ON PURPOSE....to gain control and do dam well what one pleases...as EVIL then RULES supreme.....

How DARE you "judge me" I AIN'T judging...wITCH....I am Assessing...
meta-cognition vs...pure stupidity....known as Liberalism....

Why don't we do it in the road....as The Beatles song goes...no one will be watching us...why don't we do IT IN THE ROAD.

social media puts a pin hole in that balloon...

a BEATLE parody on why we should do it in the road...err shouldn't..


The Genesis of Liberalism DEFINED by Pop-Culture...

I do believe Liberals are simply those bad folk who wish to do as they wish with no Moral imperative. 

To accomplish 6 becoming 9 one has to gain POWER from those whose  "plastic fingers wave at me" frustrating my desire  to hang my "freak flag high"...

I, then must be the ONE to be IN Power...
so that I....can the my life...the "Way I want to."

and this is done by Robin Hood....stealing from the rich to give to the poor....Santa Claus...nothin....!!  Milton Friedman on the "Robin Hood Myth."


Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Anti-Authority PreCedent see with a Community Organizer "president"

The FIRST counter-culture President.....

there is something going on, what it is isn't exactly clear...there is a man with a gun over there....

you know...the counter culture was simply the POP-Cult-ure....now MainStreamed AS our Culture...

Obama Absent without LEAVE once again...when it comes to Law and Order....what can you expect FROM

A Community Organizer......

Suckers ARE USa who never called out his ideology......anti-authority...HE is THE authority....

Were EVIL Reigns
the white guilt myth, mixed with stupidity while becoming pop-U-larIzed...  http://comunistmanifesto101.blogspot.com/2013/01/popularized-fear-of-being-shunned.html

'I'm withholding my tax ESCROW account relief Law"

 'I'm withholding my tax ESCROW account relief Law"

 There must be a way out of here, said the Joker to THE thief

Well, there IS...

Time to overwhelm the overwhelming..clog up the courts.....hold back your fed income tax...and ready for THIS idea...

Congress Pass the

 'I'm withholding my tax ESCROW account relief Law"

......which provides a SAFE PLACE to escrow your tax money that will NOT go into the FEDERAL FUNDs, but rather a safe, secure escrow..that says..


you're NOT NOT paying your taxes...

you are just keeping them from being put into the treasury UNTIL congress see fit to release... 
AND that NO law SHALL be Passed that infringes upon the liberty of those exercising this law.

We have to have some SANCTION to such action..anyway...just a thought....

Friday, December 26, 2014

Al not so SHARPton...and Charles Manson ..the difference is...?

What is the DIFFERENCE with Charles Manson and Al not so SHARPton...?

The list commands MORE vanilla murderers to the list...

Neither pulled the trigger....Freedom of speech and INCITEment to ACTION...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stock Market is NOT the Economy...it's a CASINO betting ON THE economy, Stupid,..simple.

The STOCK Market is NOT the Economy, STUPID, simple..

The stock market is NOT the economy the stock market is a casino that bets on the economy by selecting companies they think will be the better hand...


all those dot.com companies that were "worth" a ton of money without FIRST have earning a single dime....


not to understand this is the result of media TRAINING low information voters to think.....

that what is good for the stock market is good for us common people...

bull....20% of the total population ONLY participate in this "economy"....fact....

50% of everyone is living paycheck to paycheck...
and the remaining 30% have their hand out.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Take the Church out of Religion says Stanford's Dean of Religious Studies. PerV abounds...

 This is "real....and present danger..."  The fall of Morality.....please listen ...take a few notes...and share...

It's THE Culture, STUPID....economics is the left hand distracting you from the RIGHT hand.....FACT!...the proof..is the left DOMINATION of social topics...

Suckers, SAPs and worse...sissies.....are ruling the republican rino base.....Conservatives open your mouths and YELL OUT LOAD without FEAR of not being accepted...  see   #popularized



Perfect example of PerVisionAries...(tv) as discussed on Limbaugh's show today...(12/23/14.

A Blog by campus students wishing to inform those of the PERV that is going on in universities..

The church needs to focus more on art and less on religion and converting people in an effort to become less “churchy,” according to Stanford University’s Dean for Religious Life, The Very Reverend Dr. Jane Shaw.

“I think people are always slightly surprised that I’m not very churchy as a person,” Shaw told the Palo Alto Online in an interview.
 “I don’t think church is to be more churchy. I think church is about, anyone should be welcome.

 I’m really interested in how you welcome many different kind of constituencies, certainly not convert them, not even necessarily to do religion all the time.”


Thursday, December 18, 2014

"White Guilt" Caught in the middle...An Italian/Sicilian Rant...half breed...

Suckers, Saps and Sissyfied....by "white guilt."  
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tony-venuti/2011/10/15/perverting-the-american-dream-the-tony-venuti-show   Circum-navigated the pop-CULTure since the 50's

Successful whites/Anglos having risen from the obscurity of European emigration, generations later...having not occurred very much HARD work  (generalization in the abstract)..default to passive....saps....

USED by the culture of the black street class...

and if you haven't caught on...that's the majority of ....the Black/African-American/Negro/Colored.....

alright already, I'm dizzy.....tired of this CRAP....being Italian
caught in the middle, I was friends to both as I were friends to none......"if everyone loves me, does anyone love me"..John Lennon.

The ONLY RACISM that exists is the 'race' of IDEOLOGY.

Color me Conservative.....black, white, red or Italian....does not matter....we will be OBJECTIFIED as RACISTS for the wrong ideology...(actually its the RIGHT Ideology_
ConServatism is the Color I SEE

Proof of this is simple.....when Black Conservatives are spoken of...you would think they are MADE to be white, Racists they are called...."say what?"...is MY response...

Speak to Conservative Woman....and the War on Woman...just disappeared.

Many more examples...but YOU get the point..

Well, are YOU Fed up with this RACIAL fallacy being turned into NOT a Fallacy...are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Racism is a TRICK BAG for suckers to jump into.....

Institutional RACISM via the False Narrative of "white privilege"..

Reject, on its face, the precept of 'white privilege"...
its a trick bag from the makers of shuck and jive or as "THEY" say.....the Chicago Way....

you bring a knife, we'll bring a gun"...(Obama said)

Liberals must create DIVISION....
for without something to OPPOSE they can't work their Rope A DOPE......double entendre
don't you BE the DOPE they ROPE with shuck and jive.....don't BE a SUCKER

an urban Rodeo....

Suckers, Saps & Sissies - America Exceptionism IS OURS alone. See Sony-N. Korea...

American Exceptionalism IS America....it's isn't the NWO...this illustrates JUST how exceptional we are.......

Sony and North Korea....Welcome to the reel world...err REAL
So, looney tunes out there.....
Allow me to use this TEACHABLE moment to illustrated just what...American EXCEPTIONALISM Is....
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tony-venuti/2011/10/15/perverting-the-american-dream-the-tony-venuti-show   Circum-navigated the pop-CULTure since the 50's

first...let me tell you what it is NOT....

It's not bowing to the exceptions to the rule as we now allow those to RULE!

It IS....Freedom of SPEECH....NOT allowed throughout the world.....

but it is PARAMOUNT in an EXCEPTIONAL Country...such as ours...

Cyber bullies...REally....how about hollow-wood bullies....
You think you can do anything you WANT with no ramifications?....

that is what happens when you live at home too long....you think MOMMY will always protect you...

The World is a violent place LOONS....and you just now have gotten caught 


up in your sissie...say anything you want....BULL-schitte...
Now TAKE a selfie...

with your tail tucked between your legs....
bend over and give it a lick......
SEE...even that won't help you perVs

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Third Party? short term win, long term loss with two party system...SUCKERS

I'd rather lose a third party, conservative elective...than WIN with the two party communist team call rep-dem...

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tony-venuti/2011/10/15/perverting-the-american-dream-the-tony-venuti-show   Circum-navigated the pop-CULTure since the 50's

After the second "taking Conservatives for granted.."...screw me once....screw me twice...well you know...

Are we becoming MORE COMFORTABLE with a third party?

What will it take.....?....understand...
the Communist Manifesto's #15 has come to pass....Period...

they have taken control, total control of NOT one....but BOTH political parties...

Everything DOES not come to those that Wait too late....

wrong moving forward takes :the "power of certainty"


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Arizona Laura Immigration great links....phone numbers to congress



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Put the pressure on the US House to keep their election promises
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 07:37:14 -0700
From: PCTPP Team <pimacountyteapartypatriots@gmail.com>
To: PCTTP Team <pimacountyteapartypatriots@gmail.com>


Today is extremely important if we are going to have an impact in stopping the President's massive overreach of power on executive amnesty. The House members appear to be ready to just go along with leadership and do nothing to fight back on this. They are using symbolic votes so that they can point back to this time at a later date and say they tried to stop it, when we know that the symbolic votes are just an easy out for them.

They have not yet seen the light, because they have not yet felt the heat. Representatives – including some of those we would otherwise have been counting on, including Reps who stood with us last year on the Defund ObamaCare effort – have told the press in recent days that they just aren’t hearing  from their constituents that this is a high-profile “must stop” thing. So we’re launching an effort to target Members for phone calls from their constituents.

We know it is a few weeks before Christmas and people are busy planning for the holidays, but this is exactly what they are counting on.

We HAVE to ramp up the pressure Monday and Tuesday (BUT IF YOU CAN'T- CALL WED, THURS, FRI. OR ASAP!)

Here's the list of Representatives that we need to call today & tomorrow (also pasted below). Tell them to keep their promises and use the spending bill to stop the funding for the President's executive amnesty. Pass the list of targets in your state on to your lists and ask them to do the same.

If your representative isn't on this list, call them as well. You can find their contact info on our website at this link:

Thank you for your efforts on this. If we are going to stop this, it is up to us. Help us spread the word!

Target List:
Representative State DC Phone District Office 1 District Office 2
Don Young AK 202-225-5765 907-271-5978 907-456-0210
Spencer Bachus AL 202-225-4921 205-969-2296 205-280-0704
Tim Griffin AR 202-225-2506 501-358-3481 501-324-5941
Paul Cook CA 202-225-5861 760-247-1815 909-797-4900
Jeff Denham CA 202-225-4540 209-579-5458  
Darrell Issa* CA 202-225-3906 760-599-5000 949-281-2449
Kevin McCarthy* CA 202-225-2915 661-327-3611  
Buck McKeon* CA 202-225-1956 661-254-2111 661-274-9688
Devin Nunes CA 202-225-2523 559-323-5235 559-733-3861
Ed Royce* CA 202-225-4111 714-255-0101 626-964-5123
Jeff Valadao CA 202-225-4695 661-864-7736 559-582-5526
Mike Coffman CO 202-225-7882 720-748-7514  
Cory Gardner CO 202-225-4676 720-508-3937 970-848-2845
Curt Clawson FL 202-225-2536 239-573-5837 239-252-6225
Mario Diaz-Balart FL 202-225-4211 305-470-8555 239-348-1620
Jeff Miller* FL 202-225-4136 850-479-1183 850-664-1266
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen FL 202-225-3931 305-668-2285  
Daniel Webster FL 202-225-2176 407-654-5705 352-383-3552
Raul Labrador ID 202-225-6611 208-667-0127 208-888-3188
Mike Simpson* ID 202-225-5531 208-334-1953 208-523-6701
Adam Kinzinger IL 202-225-3635 815-431-9271 815-432-0580
Aaron Schock IL 202-225-6201 309-671-7027 217-670-1653
John Shimkus IL 202-225-5271 217-446-0664 618-288-7190
Larry Bucshon IN 202-225-4636 812-465-6484 812-482-4255
Luke Messer IN 202-225-3021 765-747-5566 765-962-2883
Marlin Stutzman IN 202-225-4436 574-269-1940 260-424-3041
Jackie Walorski IN 202-225-3915 574-204-2645 574-223-4373
Lynn Jenkins* KS 202-225-6601 620-231-5966 785-234-5966
Andy Barr KY 202-225-4706 859-219-1366  
Thomas Massie KY 202-225-3465 859-426-0080 606-324-9898
Hal Rogers* KY 202-225-4601 606-439-0794 606-886-0844
Vance McAllister LA 202-225-8490 318-445-0818 318-322-3500
Steve Scalise* LA 202-225-3015 985-340-2185 985-879-2300
Andy Harris MD 202-225-5311 410-588-5670 443-944-8624
Justin Amash MI 202-225-3831 269-205-3823 616-451-8383
Dan Benishek MI 202-225-4735 906-273-2074 877-376-5613
Dave Camp* MI 202-225-3561 231-876-9205 989-631-2552
Bill Huizenga MI 202-225-4401 616-414-5516 616-570-0917
Candice Miller* MI 202-225-2106 586-997-5010  
Fred Upton* MI 202-225-3761 269-385-0039 269-982-1986
Tim Walberg MI 202-225-6276 517-780-9075  
John Kline MN 202-225-2271 952-808-1213  
Erik Paulsen MN 202-225-2871 952-405-8510  
Sam Graves* MO 202-225-7041 573-221-3400 816-792-3976
Howard Coble NC 202-225-3065 336-427-0044 336-333-5005
Renee Ellmers NC 202-225-4531 910-230-1910 336-626-3060
Virginia Foxx* NC 202-225-2071 828-265-0240 336-778-0211
Richard Hudson NC 202-225-3715 704-786-1612 910-997-2070
Walter Jones NC 202-225-3415 252-931-1003  
Patrick McHenry* NC 202-225-2576 828-327-6100 704-833-0096
Jeff Fortenberry NE 202-225-4806 402-438-1598 402-379-2064
Adrian Smith NE 202-225-6435 308-384-3900 308-633-6333
Lee Terry NE 202-225-4155 402-397-9944  
Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ 202-225-5034 973-984-0711  
Frank LoBiondo NJ 202-225-6572 609-625-5008  
John Runyan NJ 202-225-4765 856-780-6436 732-279-6013
Steve Pearce NM 202-225-2365 855-473-2723  
Mark Amodei NV 202-225-6155 775-686-5760 775-777-7705
Joe Heck NV 202-225-3252 702-387-4941  
Chris Collins NY 202-225-5265 585-519-4002 716-634-2324
Michael Grimm NY 202-225-3371 718-351-1062 718-630-5277
Peter King NY 202-225-7896 516-541-4225  
John Boehner* OH 202-225-6205 513-779-5400 937-339-1524
David Joyce OH 202-225-5731 440-352-3939 330-425-9291
Jim Renacci OH 202-225-3876 330-334-0040 440-882-6779
James Lankford* OK 202-225-2132 405-234-9900  
Frank Lucas* OK 202-225-5565 405-373-1958  
Greg Walden* OR 202-225-6730 541-776-4646 541-389-4408
Charles Dent PA 202-225-6411 717-867-1026 610-562-4281
Mike Kelly PA 202-225-5406 814-454-8190 724-282-2557
Bill Shuster* PA 202-225-2431 814-696-6318 717-264-8308
Kristi Noem SD 202-225-2801 605-275-2868 605-791-4673
John Duncan TN 202-225-5435 865-523-3772 865-984-5464
Kevin Brady TX 202-225-4901 936-441-5700 936-439-9532
Michael Burgess TX 202-225-7772 940-497-5031  
John Carter TX 202-225-3864 512-246-1600 254-933-1392
Michael Conaway* TX 202-225-3605 432-687-2390 325-646-1950
Blake Farenthold TX 202-225-7742 361-884-2222 361-894-6446
Bill Flores* TX 202-225-6105 361-894-6446 979-703-4037
Kay Granger TX 202-225-5071 817-338-0909  
Jeb Hensarling* TX 202-225-3484 903-675-8288 214-349-9996
Sam Johnson TX 202-225-4201 469-304-0382  
Mike McCaul* TX 202-225-2401 512-473-2357 281-398-1247
Randy Neugebauer TX 202-225-4005 325-675-9779 432-264-0722
Pete Sessions* TX 202-225-2231 972-392-0505  
Randy Weber TX 202-225-2831 409-835-0108 979-285-0231
Rob Bishop UT 202-225-0453 801-625-0107 435-734-2270
Jason Chaffetz UT 202-225-7751 801-851-2500  
Chris Stewart UT 202-225-9730 801-364-5550 435-627-1500
Bob Goodlatte* VA 202-225-5431 540-432-2391 434-845-8306
Frank Wolf VA 202-225-5136 703-709-5800 540-667-0990
Doc Hastings* WA 202-225-5816 509-543-9396 509-452-3243
David Reichert WA 202-225-7761 509-885-6615 425-677-7414
Cathy McMorris Rodgers* WA 202-225-2006 509-353-2374 509-529-9358
Sean Duffy WI 202-225-3365 715-808-8160 715-392-3984
Thomas Petri WI 202-225-2476 920-922-1180 920-231-6333
Paul Ryan WI 202-225-3031 330-630-7311 330-740-0193
James Sensenbrenner WI 202-225-5101 217-670-1653  
Shelley Moore Capito WV 202-225-2711 304-925-5964 304-264-8810
David McKinley WV 202-225-4172 304-284-8506 304-232-3801