Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Colonization of America...the new ameriKaKa


Dearborn Michigan....being stoned by Muslims in America

Gov Jindal Warns Muslims Not Assimilating in US Isn’t Immigration But “Colonization”, “Invasion”

Gov Jindal was clear with his argument of how muslims who immigrate to the US are not assimilating but rather want sharia law and all their customs in place while forcing Americans to change our culture and values to accommodate them. This is colonization and with so many (not just muslims but they appear to be the most active to cause changes) wanting to come here to change things it is an invasion. Gov Jindal will most definitely be attacked by the political correct police for telling the truth. That is what the PC police is in place to do, silence anyone who tells the truth. This country is being fundamentally transformed from inside out because the bobble heads in DC do not care so long as they stay in power. They will pander to anyone coming here, but in their quest for power they have opened the floodgates to radicals who want to destroy this country.
Everyone wants to focus on hispanics coming to the US but there are people coming here from 142 countries, many of which are islamic! No-go zones are real regardless of certain news outlets walking such claims back. There are at least 19 islamic “communities” in the US that are more or less training camps for jihadists. They aren’t training here to fly off somewhere around the globe, these monsters are training to kill Americans on American soil! That said Gov Jindal’s warning about muslims that come here who do not assimilate will lead to lone wolf attacks is not far-fetched or racist.
What are we supposed to do? Couldn’t tell you since the govt doesn’t seem to care and campaign promises on immigration have been abandoned now that the elitists won their thrones of power. 240 years ago the people did what had to be done, but now progressives over a few decades have systematically turned this country into a pack of wusses afraid of their own shadow let alone the will to speak out or take action.

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