Saturday, January 2, 2016

Prohibition didn't work THEN, Gun Control won't work NOW. a Ruse, a Trick Bag

The easiest argument to make and to win. 
  YET, I hear very FEW pundits and others speak to the OBVIOUS...

They say Gun Control, YOU REMIND them...

Prohibition..worked really well, now didn't it!

Fight Fire with Fire

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  1. Liberalism is THE popCULTure. the Media & Hollywood are the fuel that drives this engine...I call it the #mediaocracy

    PopCULT is Marxism's drive a wedge between family/church from "we the people" by making it SQUARE...the false narrative of Moral relevancy...

    Conservatisim is COOL....use the popCULT against themselves as they used it against we the people. Taking responsibility for yourself IS cool.

    You are your net worth....ambition/effort X load = VAlue or your net worth....don't yOU be worthless by being liberal..