Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Republicans using Hegelian Dialetic via David French ..last resort

Hegel is an imperialist con artist who established the principles of dialectical "no-reason." Hegel's dialectic has allowed globalists to lead simple, capable, freeborn men and women back into the superstitious, racist and unreasonable age of imperial global dominance. National governments represent people who are free from imperial controls over private property, trade and production. 
National governments protect their workers from imperial slavery by protecting the worker's markets. But if you use Hegel's logical Marxism, the only way to protect people from slavery is to become the slave trader, just for a while. 
Twisted logic is why cons are so successful, and Hegel twisted it in such a way as to be "impenetrable." Like Hegel and Marx, the best street con knows his spiel has to use logic to bend and distort the story, and good cons weave their lies on logical mathematical progression. 
The fallacy is in the language, not in the math. Detective Phillip Worts' 2001 article Communist Oriented Policing is a nice explanation of Dialectical Materialism's influence on America.

1. Create a Problem.....= We can't have a non-establishment break up our 100 year party..the 241 party.

2. Wait for a reaction OR create one via media collusion ...=  NO....Trump is so....pop-CULT he's a capitalist, greedy type...

3.  Provide a solution for the problem that was created and manipulated to fool "we the people = David French, 3rd party candidate

 The Hegelian dialectic in seven minutes...

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