Saturday, February 17, 2018

Facebook becoming INTOLERABLE 4th 30 day block in 6 months...see why...Whining Facebook

We Removed Something You Posted
It looks like something you posted doesn't follow our Community Standards. We remove posts that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or disability. 
Tony VenutiThe only phenomenon I wish to this.. How We the People were able to vote in President Trump....we "collectively" defeated THE media THE untions The establishment swamp THE deep state swamp The homosexual, feminists, islamists, trannies, A phenomenon of EPIC proportion I'm amazed...NOT by the "event" but those 'amazed" by it....simply amazing... AS ROME burns...

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tony's Maxim's ....To know evil is to understand LIFE....

Wisdom comes from being without, not from having it all.

Tony’s Maxims

1. Life is about Survival; everything depends on it.

Survival is paramount. Without life, there is no freedom, happiness, liberty nor other human desires, such as fame, fortune, power, gratification, etc.

2. Nature is to be synonymous and in harmony with religious beliefs.
People desire it in relation to a person, place or thing in order to look up to, answer to it, and to live for something higher than themselves. Governments, Monarchs and other rulers have understood this and aligned themselves accordingly.

3. Life is ruled by the Laws of Nature

a. Everything expands.
b. There are NO ABSOLUTES. Things are not either/or. In reality, it is to the degree of which things are this or that.
c. It isn’t how good someone is or isn’t; it is how bad they are not.
d. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
e. Things come in three’s.

4. People in general are not smart, and are too easily led.
In this case, it means being reactionary instead of activist. What is your reaction? Reactions are based on matters of the heart and not of the mind. Response, or “activism” requires a working relationship with your
a. Critical thinking skills, and your moral compass.
b. Your need to have to support for those you value before you can come to a conclusion to a question. Simply put, it means do you think for yourself?
c. Accountability for actions, allowing truth to speak for itself.

5. Men are inherently evil, via civilization can cultivate virtue, NOESIS, not withstanding
If you consider that survival is paramount, then it is inherent for us as humans and primal beings to take by force of by deception anything that someone has that you feel you need for your own survival. It’s an innate need for self-preservation.

6. Media drives reality and creates perception. An illusion that is (n’t)

Those who see perception as reality are in fact living an illusion. The media’s ability to shape our reality by creating perceptions is used in all areas of our daily lives, e.g., corporate, media, and advertising by means of psychographic tactics and strategies.

7. Political correctness turns wrong into right forever.
Our strategy of life is now dependent on image and popularity, rather than performance and success. It is this myth which commands respect, and the elite is dependent on it in order to lead and to govern the masses. Because it is easier to put others down, rather than to compete on equal footing in the arena of action, the “gotcha” mentality means that popularity is the reward for political correctness

8. The use of generalities in the abstract to argue a political point is by definition using a false premise and is therefore invalid.

For example, If I’m getting rained on, I don’t want to hear about how there is 30% chance of rain. It is 100% to me.

9. Need, greed and fear are the methods used to move the masses.

10. Those that claim they need to see with perfect clarity before they decide, will never decide. It’s easier to go with those in power than to fill their minds with the “what if’s.”

11. The Grass is always greener – until you get there.

Because envy is so prolific in our society, we can’t see that the “greener grass” is not so green compared to what we have already had.

12. If I have to explain it to you, then you will never understand.

Some things need NO explanation, so why try? The HYPER-civilized intellectually elite will poke holes in the best of truths; thus there are many reasons why men will sabotage the obvious.

13. The world does not owe you a living. It did GIVE you free will.
Your life is a blessing. We are all dealt with a particular set of God giving rights. One is free will. With your own ethics and character, comes the ability to shape your own life, for better or worse. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

14. Money does not grow on trees.

Money is a reflection of your time and the value that your reality commands. The capricious attitude of many today towards finance and wealth is in direct opposition to natural law, which commands you respect the work you do.

15. If you think you know – you don’t know.
Those that know and know that they know, follow them for they are wise.
There are but a few, but one either
1. Thinks he knows (very dangerous, and ill advised to gamble the future on those who think they know.)
2. Believes they know. Until one finds more relevant and factual information to contradict ones acts with belief. 3. Then there are those who know that they know. Follow them, for they are wise.

16. The man with no shoes until he met the man with no feet. (Attitude of gratitude.)
A lot of use with prefer to see what we don’t have that others do, and want it.
.(see #10) Then there are those who understand it isn’t a matter of good it isn’t but how Bad it is not. “I guess I don’t have it THAT bad.”

17. You can be anyway you want, just cop to it.
I have more regard for the axe murder who gave me an option of getting a bigger axe or by getting our of dodge, than I do for the people in positions of authority that speak with both sides of their mouth, and not simultaneously.

18. It’s not what you know that is important, it is what you don’t know.

If you don’t know what you don’t know you are liable to group it in what you DO know...and that is more dangerous, than thinking you know. (see #15)

19. The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.
More relevance is given to whom we suggest we are not in tune with thus giving them that you desire to provide to comfort for, comfort in SEEING YOUR discomfort. 

 Indifference is a razor sharp , you will never see blood result or quiet satisfaction ‘knowing confidently and with silence (see #23)

20. Talk is cheap, but affordable.
People find it so easy to talk of matters of little importance or of things know little about.

Cop out words, used to sabotage, derail, cloud, smoke screen, and the like when using to defend one’s position, visa a vi, defensiveness.

22. If it doesn’t matter it shouldn’t

23. Confidence is an expression of silence

24. A good idea today is better than a perfect idea tomorrow.....(see #10)

25. There is a right way to do the wrong thing.
When wrong, own up in the acknowledgement of same.
Two wrongs don't make it right. Thus invalidates your argument.

27. Everything is ok, even being wrong is ok.....(see 25)
so long as you know it is wrong, and ultimately your moral clock isn’t being adjusted to fit the event, you are simply deciding to be human....accountable not withstanding....

28. why be lazy, when stupid does the trick, laziness takes a thought, such as....err "not today, I'm just.....TOO stupid, to even know about lazy.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Militarized Free Speech...Corruption of First Amendment by MSM

Militarized Free Speech OR the "mainstream" media

I developed this paradigm close to a dozen years ago...

The MediaOcracy....

I have stated with confidence...that is the MEDIA controlling the horizontal, the vertical, the volume AND the on/off switch...

MediaOcracy CLAIMS they reflect "the" people....bull schitte!....
They do their BEST to SHAPE what you believe....
with FEAR, with GREED, with NEED....
forget desire, forget afford....

Since the 50's watch my no good father (that's another story) read the paper with the same headlines of every newspaper and all the network channels...

scratching my head as a child would do....when they know..but do not know why they know ....
something is up... Free Speech

Join a great discussion...
Join the discussion...via link or comment below

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wind Chill Legitimized with its OWN map. Fake Science, Perception of vs Reality IS

#FakeSCIENCE 50 years to get their own "map"
Wind chill is to Temperature
Global Warming is to science....
"THE" wind "the" Temperature...
Perception is a Liberal...where facts matter NOT....
Not what IS what it FEELS like...

Once upon a TIME facts Trumped feelings....

The Meaning of Wind Chill 


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Convicted scandals and worse...LIST so LONG I tired....

Harvey Weinstein, and the flood gates OPENED.

Matt Lauer 11/29/2017  FIRED from NBC

List is SO LONG....
that I got tired of cutting and pasting.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY)[1] was convicted of 'sexting' a 15-year-old girl and was made to sign the sexual offenders register. (2017)[2]

Corrine Brown
(D-FL) was convicted on 18 felony counts of wire and tax fraud,
conspiracy, lying to federal investigators, and other corru

Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was convicted on 23 counts of racketeering, fraud, and other corruption charges. (2016)[8]

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
(D-IL) pleaded guilty February 20, 2013, to one count of wire and mail
fraud in connection with his misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds.
Jackson was sentenced to two and one-half years' imprisonment. (2013)[16]

Laura Richardson
(D-CA) was found guilty on seven counts of violating US House rules by
improperly using her staff to campaign for her, destroying the evidence
and tampering with witness testimony. The House Ethics Committee ordered
Richardson to pay a fine of $10,000. (2012)[17][18]

William J. Jefferson
(D-LA) was charged in August 2005 after the FBI seized $90,000 in cash
from his home freezer. He was re-elected to the House in 2006, but lost
in 2008. He was convicted November 13, 2009, of 11 counts of bribery and
sentenced to 13 years in prison. (2009)[34] Jefferson's Chief of Staff Brett Pfeffer, was sentenced to 84 months for bribery. (2006) [35]

Jack Abramoff CNMI scandal
involves the efforts of Abramoff to influence Congressional action
concerning U.S. immigration and minimum wage laws. See Executive branch
convictions. Congressmen convicted in the Abramoff scandal include:

Frank Ballance (D-NC) admitted to federal charges of money laundering and mail fraud in October 2005 and was sentenced to four years in prison. (2005)[38]

Jim Traficant
(D-OH) was found guilty on ten felony counts of financial corruption,
sentenced to eight years in prison and expelled from the House of
Representatives. (2002) [40]

Wade Sanders (D), Deputy Assistant United States Secretary of the Navy, for Reserve Affairs, was sentenced to 37 months in prison on one charge of possession of child pornography. (2009)[41]

Darleen A. Druyun (D), Principal Deputy United States Under Secretary of the Air Force.[44]
She pleaded guilty to inflating the price of contracts to favor her
future employer, Boeing. In October 2004, she was sentenced to nine
months in jail for corruption, fined $5,000, given three years of
supervised release and 150 hours of community service.(2005).[45] CBS News called it "the biggest Pentagon scandal in 20 years" and said that she pleaded guilty to a felony.[46]

Mel Reynolds (D-IL) was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.
(1997) He was later convicted of 12 counts of bank fraud. (1999)
Reynolds served his entire sentence stemming from the first conviction
and served 42 months in prison for the bank fraud conviction at which
point his sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton.[47] As a result, Reynolds was released from prison and served his remaining time in a halfway house.[48][49]

Austin Murphy (D-PA) was convicted of one count of voter fraud for filling out absentee ballots for members of a nursing home. (1999) [53]

House banking scandal [54]
The House of Representatives Bank found that 450 members had overdrawn
their checking accounts, but not been penalized. Six were convicted of
charges, most only tangentially related to the House Bank itself. Twenty
two more of the most prolific over-drafters were singled out by the
House Ethics Committee. (1992)

Buz Lukens (R-Ohio) convicted of bribery and conspiracy.[55]

Carl C. Perkins (D-Kentucky) pleaded guilty to a check kiting scheme involving several financial institutions (including the House Bank).[56]

Carroll Hubbard (D-Kentucky) was convicted of illegally funneling money to his wife's 1992 campaign to succeed him in congress.[57]

Mary Rose Oakar (D-Ohio) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor campaign finance charge not related to the House Bank.[58]

Walter Fauntroy (D-District of Columbia) was convicted of filing false disclosure forms to hide unauthorized income.[59]

Congressional Post Office scandal (1991–1995) was a conspiracy to embezzle House Post Office money through stamps and postal vouchers to congressmen.[60]

Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison, in 1995.[61]

Joe Kolter (D-Pennsylvania) pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and sentenced to 6 months in prison.(1996)

Nicholas Mavroules (D-Massachusetts)
was convicted of extortion, accepting illegal gifts and failing to
report them on congressional disclosure and income tax forms. Mavroules
pleaded guilty to fifteen counts in April 1993 and was sentenced to a
fifteen-month prison term. (1993) [65][66]

Albert Bustamante (D-Texas) was convicted of accepting bribes and sentenced to three and one-half years in prison. (1993) [67]

David Durenberger Senator (R-Minnesota)
denounced by Senate for unethical financial transactions and then
disbarred (1990). He pleaded guilty to misuse of public funds and given
one year probation (1995) [68]

ONE more list...
of RESIGNATIONS due to SEX Scandals

Thomas Porteous (D), Federal Judge of the U.S. Eastern District of Louisiana was impeached, convicted and removed from office December 8, 2010, on charges of bribery and lying to Congress. (2010)[156][157]
Senior Federal U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp
 (R) was arrested in an undercover drug bust while trying to purchase
cocaine from an FBI agent. Judge Jack T. Camp resigned his position
after pleading guilty to three criminal charges. He was sentenced to 30
days in jail, 400 community service hours and fined. (2010)[158][159][160]
Alcee Hastings (D), Federal District court judge impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate of soliciting a bribe (1989).[162] Subsequently, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (1992)
Robert Frederick Collins (D), Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, was convicted of bribery and sentenced to six years, ten months. (1991)[163]
Walter Nixon (D) Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi was impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate for perjury November 3, 1989.[164]
Harry Claiborne
 (D), Federal District court Judge was tried and convicted of federal
tax evasion; he served over one year in prison (1983). He was later
impeached by the House, convicted by the Senate and removed from office

1. Matt Lauer: The NBC anchor was fired on Tuesday after accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace
2. Charlie Rose: The TV show host has been accused by eight women of groping them, making unwanted sexual advances, walking around naked in front of them and making lewd phone calls during the early and mid 2000s, the New York Times reported on Monday.
3. Glenn Thrush: The prominent NYT journalist has been suspended following accusations from several younger, female journalists that he made unwanted sexual advances toward them.
4. Mark Halperin: The NBC analyst and contributor lost his job as well as book and TV show deals after 12 different women accused him of sexual harassment from while he was at ABC News.
5. Lockhart Steele: The editorial director for Vox was fired after admitting to sexual misconduct. There is currently an investigation into claims of sexual misconduct by other Vox employees brought by a former employee.
6. Stephen Blackwell: The Billboard Magazine executive was accused of sexual harassment by a former intern and resigned from his position at the magazine.
7. Michael Oreskes: The NPR news chief was put on leave from the media company after several accusations of sexual harassment by at least four women who claimed the behavior occurred while Oreskes was at the New York Times, NPR and AP.
8. Roger LaMay: The NPR board chairman has announced he'll step down from his position at the end of his term, but NPR reported that he is the subject of complaints about inappropriate behavior.
9. Jann Wenner: The founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine was accused of offering a male writer a freelance contract in exchange for sex. Wenner has admitted that an encounter took place, but said he never made a career offer in exchange for sex.
10. Leon Wieseltier: The New Republic editor has admitted to and apologized for "workplace misconduct," which led to the cancellation of his forthcoming culture magazine. Wieseltier was also removed from leadership at The Atlantic magazine.
11. Matt Zimmerman: The NBC News producer was let go after being accused of inappropriate conduct by multiple women.
12. Hamilton Fish: The president and publisher of New Republic was placed on leave while several complaints of his sexual harassment toward women are investigated.
13. Jimmy Soni: As Ariana Huffington became the head of fixing Uber's bad reputation, attention was drawn to the former HuffPost editor Soni, who left to launch HuffPost India in 2014 while reportedly being investigated for
sexual misconduct.
14. Giuseppe Castellano: Penguin Random House is investigating a sexual harassment accusation against Castellano, its art director.
15. Knight Landesman: The Artforum magazine publisher resigned from the company after being accused by several women, and sued by one, for sexual harassment.
16. Kirt Webster: One woman has accused the Webster Public Relations CEO of sexual assault. Webster has taken leave from his firm, which has been renamed.
17. Roy Price: The Amazon executive resigned after a woman accused him of sexual harassment. 18. Fox's Bill O'Reilly . Multiple women and several settlements.
19. Roger Ailes Started the chain of sexual harassment and assault allegations in big media companies.
20. Chris Matthews: Revealed he has settled a harassment claim now.
Notice this list holds 2 Republicans and 18 Democrats. yet what do we hear from the media? Republicans support the War on Women.
When will people wake up?
The Liberals, their democratic arm of politicians, their media, entertainment and education industries keep pushing this crap out indoctrinating our children and making people believe a narrative which is patently false.
Liberals use and abuse women while women fall for the same stupid line, "Choice, Freedom and Empowerment"
Of course if one looks at the actual list since November 1st, there have been 100 names put out there, 10 are Republicans and 90 are democrats.
Watching the women who have supported the liberal agenda are now waking up and beginning to eat their masters?
Look at Roy Moore, the left claimed he was a pedophile while accusing him with no concrete evidence or actual investigations. We now see that Ms. Bloom the ambulance chasing daughter of Gloria Allred was trying to pay people to come forward!
Yet we hear NOTHING from the Liberals on a true Pedophile like Kevin Spacey!
Wake up people.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Trial by Media USURPING rule of law...a failed state?


Once Trial by Combat, primitive...come full circle...trial by media...  sad!
Usurped Justice system

The Media is the Communist Party in charge of the's that simple

“McCarthyism”  FAKE NEWS-false narrative

In the late 1940’s, another newly coined term was shot into our cultural arteries: “McCarthyism.” Again, it was a derogatory term, suggesting some insidious evil, and without any clear definition. Its alleged meaning was: “Unjust accusations, persecutions, and character assassinations of innocent victims.” Its real meaning was: “Anti-communism.”

Senator McCarthy was never proved guilty of those allegations, but the effect of that term was to intimidate and silence public discussions. Any uncompromising denunciation of communism or communists was—and still is—smeared as “McCarthyism.” As a consequence, opposition to and exposes of communist penetration have all but vanished from our intellectual scene. (I must mention that I am not an admirer of Senator McCarthy, but not for the reasons implied in that smear.)