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Convicted scandals and worse...LIST so LONG I tired....

Harvey Weinstein, and the flood gates OPENED.

Matt Lauer 11/29/2017  FIRED from NBC

List is SO LONG....
that I got tired of cutting and pasting.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY)[1] was convicted of 'sexting' a 15-year-old girl and was made to sign the sexual offenders register. (2017)[2]

Corrine Brown
(D-FL) was convicted on 18 felony counts of wire and tax fraud,
conspiracy, lying to federal investigators, and other corru

Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was convicted on 23 counts of racketeering, fraud, and other corruption charges. (2016)[8]

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
(D-IL) pleaded guilty February 20, 2013, to one count of wire and mail
fraud in connection with his misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds.
Jackson was sentenced to two and one-half years' imprisonment. (2013)[16]

Laura Richardson
(D-CA) was found guilty on seven counts of violating US House rules by
improperly using her staff to campaign for her, destroying the evidence
and tampering with witness testimony. The House Ethics Committee ordered
Richardson to pay a fine of $10,000. (2012)[17][18]

William J. Jefferson
(D-LA) was charged in August 2005 after the FBI seized $90,000 in cash
from his home freezer. He was re-elected to the House in 2006, but lost
in 2008. He was convicted November 13, 2009, of 11 counts of bribery and
sentenced to 13 years in prison. (2009)[34] Jefferson's Chief of Staff Brett Pfeffer, was sentenced to 84 months for bribery. (2006) [35]

Jack Abramoff CNMI scandal
involves the efforts of Abramoff to influence Congressional action
concerning U.S. immigration and minimum wage laws. See Executive branch
convictions. Congressmen convicted in the Abramoff scandal include:

Frank Ballance (D-NC) admitted to federal charges of money laundering and mail fraud in October 2005 and was sentenced to four years in prison. (2005)[38]

Jim Traficant
(D-OH) was found guilty on ten felony counts of financial corruption,
sentenced to eight years in prison and expelled from the House of
Representatives. (2002) [40]

Wade Sanders (D), Deputy Assistant United States Secretary of the Navy, for Reserve Affairs, was sentenced to 37 months in prison on one charge of possession of child pornography. (2009)[41]

Darleen A. Druyun (D), Principal Deputy United States Under Secretary of the Air Force.[44]
She pleaded guilty to inflating the price of contracts to favor her
future employer, Boeing. In October 2004, she was sentenced to nine
months in jail for corruption, fined $5,000, given three years of
supervised release and 150 hours of community service.(2005).[45] CBS News called it "the biggest Pentagon scandal in 20 years" and said that she pleaded guilty to a felony.[46]

Mel Reynolds (D-IL) was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.
(1997) He was later convicted of 12 counts of bank fraud. (1999)
Reynolds served his entire sentence stemming from the first conviction
and served 42 months in prison for the bank fraud conviction at which
point his sentence was commuted by President Bill Clinton.[47] As a result, Reynolds was released from prison and served his remaining time in a halfway house.[48][49]

Austin Murphy (D-PA) was convicted of one count of voter fraud for filling out absentee ballots for members of a nursing home. (1999) [53]

House banking scandal [54]
The House of Representatives Bank found that 450 members had overdrawn
their checking accounts, but not been penalized. Six were convicted of
charges, most only tangentially related to the House Bank itself. Twenty
two more of the most prolific over-drafters were singled out by the
House Ethics Committee. (1992)

Buz Lukens (R-Ohio) convicted of bribery and conspiracy.[55]

Carl C. Perkins (D-Kentucky) pleaded guilty to a check kiting scheme involving several financial institutions (including the House Bank).[56]

Carroll Hubbard (D-Kentucky) was convicted of illegally funneling money to his wife's 1992 campaign to succeed him in congress.[57]

Mary Rose Oakar (D-Ohio) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor campaign finance charge not related to the House Bank.[58]

Walter Fauntroy (D-District of Columbia) was convicted of filing false disclosure forms to hide unauthorized income.[59]

Congressional Post Office scandal (1991–1995) was a conspiracy to embezzle House Post Office money through stamps and postal vouchers to congressmen.[60]

Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison, in 1995.[61]

Joe Kolter (D-Pennsylvania) pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and sentenced to 6 months in prison.(1996)

Nicholas Mavroules (D-Massachusetts)
was convicted of extortion, accepting illegal gifts and failing to
report them on congressional disclosure and income tax forms. Mavroules
pleaded guilty to fifteen counts in April 1993 and was sentenced to a
fifteen-month prison term. (1993) [65][66]

Albert Bustamante (D-Texas) was convicted of accepting bribes and sentenced to three and one-half years in prison. (1993) [67]

David Durenberger Senator (R-Minnesota)
denounced by Senate for unethical financial transactions and then
disbarred (1990). He pleaded guilty to misuse of public funds and given
one year probation (1995) [68]

ONE more list...
of RESIGNATIONS due to SEX Scandals

Thomas Porteous (D), Federal Judge of the U.S. Eastern District of Louisiana was impeached, convicted and removed from office December 8, 2010, on charges of bribery and lying to Congress. (2010)[156][157]
Senior Federal U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp
 (R) was arrested in an undercover drug bust while trying to purchase
cocaine from an FBI agent. Judge Jack T. Camp resigned his position
after pleading guilty to three criminal charges. He was sentenced to 30
days in jail, 400 community service hours and fined. (2010)[158][159][160]
Alcee Hastings (D), Federal District court judge impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate of soliciting a bribe (1989).[162] Subsequently, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (1992)
Robert Frederick Collins (D), Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, was convicted of bribery and sentenced to six years, ten months. (1991)[163]
Walter Nixon (D) Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi was impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate for perjury November 3, 1989.[164]
Harry Claiborne
 (D), Federal District court Judge was tried and convicted of federal
tax evasion; he served over one year in prison (1983). He was later
impeached by the House, convicted by the Senate and removed from office

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Trial by Media USURPING rule of law...a failed state?


Once Trial by Combat, primitive...come full circle...trial by media...  sad!
Usurped Justice system

The Media is the Communist Party in charge of the's that simple

“McCarthyism”  FAKE NEWS-false narrative

In the late 1940’s, another newly coined term was shot into our cultural arteries: “McCarthyism.” Again, it was a derogatory term, suggesting some insidious evil, and without any clear definition. Its alleged meaning was: “Unjust accusations, persecutions, and character assassinations of innocent victims.” Its real meaning was: “Anti-communism.”

Senator McCarthy was never proved guilty of those allegations, but the effect of that term was to intimidate and silence public discussions. Any uncompromising denunciation of communism or communists was—and still is—smeared as “McCarthyism.” As a consequence, opposition to and exposes of communist penetration have all but vanished from our intellectual scene. (I must mention that I am not an admirer of Senator McCarthy, but not for the reasons implied in that smear.) 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Defeating ISLAMIST terrorists....BOMB countries that won't RECALL them out of service

One way to win the war on "radical" Islam...
(it's all radical silly-sharia law)

First identify all muslim countries supporting the ideology of terror and the ones...
NOT discrediting them....silence is not forgiven..
Put a warning out the terrorists and their supporters...

Start denying the legitimacy of TERROR..or WE WILL bomb the living HELL out of where you live
much worse then the hell you are creating in OUR part of the Earth....
THE ONLY WAY it can be done...