Thursday, December 6, 2012

Perfection/Better- The ENEMY of Good (enough for now)

Perfection, "the enemy of good?"

When you have your discussions/debates, in many strings I see how one will "sabotage" an intellectual discussion...behind the "exceptions to the rule."

Consider the following>
People of Virtue forgives too easily, this is why Conservatives have a tough time at being tough...

To moderates consider the following when arguing with a "Radical Right winger."

Tough love IS radical to hear it from those that give "passes" to the tough love....nothing isn't everything, and everything isn't always, I agree...

but the preponderance of the "evidence" is from which I speak...

Don't take remarks personal, but if the shoe fits....wear it! Salute...

Nothing is perfect and waiting for the perfect moment or killing yourself trying to ensure that every thing your hand touches is done perfectly is a sure way to not get anything done at all.
Voltaire, the ever quotable French Enlightenment writer and philosopher, recognized over two centuries ago the dangers of perfectionism. Waiting for the perfect time to do something—going back to school, starting a business, learning a new skill—is a sure fire way to never get around to doing it. At the same time starting but insisting on perfection is a recipe for late nights, an unhappy spouse, and early burnout.

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