Friday, March 1, 2013

Communism, Guilty of Breaking and Entering &Media accessory beforem, during and after the fact

Have we been Sissyfied?
Have Communists broken IN to the USA and Stole our System of Governing and NOT calling it what it is....?

Have all of USa....fell for this Usurping of our Constitutional Republic?

yes or no?

Imagine burglars breaking in at the dark of night...You're the time of the next day, you realize YOU are the guests, not the homeowner.

You don't even think to consider that you are NO LONGER the owner....and the burglars are you land lords....and you don't even ask...

are we all sissys for not confronting face to face what is FACING USa?

Hey, I'm the Owner of this house....How did YOU become the Owner of this "WhiteHouse"

Are we too embarrassed? are we not Sissy?

PC, squared by White guilt, propelled by Pop-Culture, promoted by communist run media...I hear the quack but they refuse to SEE that THEY are THE duck...

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