Sunday, May 25, 2014

Picketing NBC-KVOA, not once, not twice..not even THREE TIMES...Day 16 next week.

Media keeping an eye "on we the people"...
I'm keeping an EYE on the Governments Propaganda Machine.!

 I will ONLY allow Media to interview me....WHEN LIVE....

I will do my best not to say one word....they want my get all of them or NONE of them....

No Cut and name is Tucker, NOT sucker...

I wrote in my blog when starting the Power of Ten #poweroftem that I would be ignored....until they go it...that I was a hornets nest opening, NOT a fly in the kitchen...

I predicted 5-7 took 13.

No one is going to come out and talk with me UNLESS top management, the same management that said to their employees from past picketing "NOT to even turn your head in their location...."....ONLY when told NOT to look will it look like they are NOT looking by design....

So....a 180.....believe was giving instruction....

I now have 30% of the license plate numbers of their employees......

I'm doing to THEM what THEY do to USa all. I will publish these license plate numbers....

lets see the hornets nest buzz

Street directions from Oracle rd in tucson

Right at KVOA 50 feet away across the street

Day 15 40mph gusts...doesn't stop me

More are joining daily

Sampson Ramirez-Congressional candidate

Capturing Employees of NBC_kvoa coming out
Facing Employee secured parking, I'M the first thing they see

Album of Media Picket Days 1-15 Album


  Tony's awesome "Media" memes

Fellow Patriots who have joined me once, twice even three times...where ARE the WALKERS equating = their TALK?

Pete Clark - Patriot extraordinaire

Day 2 - Yellow Journalism sign

Jill, Sherry & Mike....salute!
NBC-kvoa employees peeved I'm taking pics or license plate numbers
John, a fine patriot..

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