Sunday, March 29, 2015

Broadcast News will end in 5 years, 10 years or more? Social Media the PerVisionary Traitors

The End of BROADCAST News.....pick one
Silencing voices for 60 years coming to an END...finally.
A. Inside 5 years?
B. Inside 10 years?
C. Inside 20 years?

Cable News...Social Media....pissing off those who USED to Control ALL that we heard..
Answer is 5-20 years....Question is...How long will it be before broadcast media becomes TOAST?

we are so bad for the main stream pundits and politicians....

the REAL REASON they TRY their best at diminishing our VOICE...

Is up to recently ....they controlled the controlled WHAT truth IS....
Watch my left's my right hand doing the damage, sucker
Perception is reality they will tell you..

I tell you perception is an ILLUSION of Reality...and UNLESS you are SUCKER won't buy it....

Karnack the answer is.....TRUTH...
the question is what Matters MORE than #mediamatters

600 two hour programs over three years 

Tony's AWESOME memes

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  1. Did Krushchev actually mean,"We will Barry you"?