Saturday, March 21, 2015

End the EPA...A FRAUD....says Greenpeace founder


Editor’s Note: Patrick Moore, Ph.D., has been a leader in international environmentalism for more than 40 years. He cofounded Greenpeace and currently serves as chair of Allow Golden Rice. Moore received the 2014 Speaks Truth to Power Award at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, July 8, in Las Vegas.
I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told “the debate is over” and “the science is settled.”
My skepticism begins with the believers’ certainty they can predict the global climate with a computer model. The entire basis for the doomsday climate change scenario is the hypothesis increased atmospheric carbon dioxide due to fossil fuel emissions will heat the Earth to unlivable temperatures.

Ignore the misdirection about early twenty-first-century volcanic eruptions. What the paper addresses are the El Chichon and Pinatubo eruptions of 1982 and 1991 respectively, generally reckoned to be the two biggest eruptions, in terms of stratospheric input, of the last century.
Santer’s charts below show the raw data, after adjusting for ENSO, and finally adjusting for the volcanic eruptions as well. Note that the black line represents the average of the models.


After taking out the effect of ENSO and eruptions, it is apparent that temperatures have been flat since the early 1990’s; indeed they have arguably been falling since.
This is significant. We are often told that the 17-year pause, with which we are all familiar, is solely dependent on cherry picking the big El Nino year of 1998 as a starting point.
What Santer’s study shows is that there has been no underlying upward trend in global temperatures for more than 20 years.

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