Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rubio - Clear and Present Danger...Christianity the NEXT Hate SPEECH is the aim of the marxist Left...liberal progressive agenda.

 This is "real....and present danger..."  The fall of Morality.....please listen ...take a few notes...and share...

It's THE Culture, STUPID....economics is the left hand distracting you from the RIGHT hand.....FACT!...the the left DOMINATION of social topics...

Suckers, SAPs and worse...sissies.....are ruling the republican rino base.....Conservatives open your mouths and YELL OUT LOAD without FEAR of not being accepted...  see   #popularized


Perfect example of PerVisionAries...(tv) as discussed on Limbaugh's show today...(12/23/14.

A Blog by campus students wishing to inform those of the PERV that is going on in universities..

The church needs to focus more on art and less on religion and converting people in an effort to become less “churchy,” according to Stanford University’s Dean for Religious Life, The Very Reverend Dr. Jane Shaw.

“I think people are always slightly surprised that I’m not very churchy as a person,” Shaw told the Palo Alto Online in an interview.
 “I don’t think church is to be more churchy. I think church is about, anyone should be welcome.

 I’m really interested in how you welcome many different kind of constituencies, certainly not convert them, not even necessarily to do religion all the time.”

Hey you RAT...Al Sharpton being called out by a Reverend who respects the Laws of our Land Pastor Manning

"Come through the door like a natural man......Hey you, RAT~...I'm going to reveal you for the pimp, hustler RAT you are"

"Why are YOU afraid to talk to me. You are a big boy. ...come talk to me...STOP hiding...."
A angry CONSERVATIVE,..."com  on out , Al, you little RAT, YOU!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

An EVIL rant on EVIL broadcasting via MEDIA...don't talk about evil...err us.

Liberalism the babysitter for the ambitious impaired   

Until we SPEAK about THE Evil NOTHING changes to the GOOD...
Until we SPEAK about THE Evil NOTHING changes to the GOOD...
This short conversation with a facebook friend.....brought me to a RANT...


Lucille Brown Pure evil begetting evil !!! evil to the very core !!! the no turning back crowd of hippy fied 60s lot !!! is causing the beat to go on ! their on a rampage, seducing collages & now even elementary schools with their common core agenda of dumbing down of society to do their evil bidding the enslaving of a Nation !!! and what blows your mind is the blacks are falling for the enslavement hook line and sinker !!! and the beat goes on and on !!!

  • Lucille Brown The Transcending into hell itself !!! crazy !!! Satan's intention for sin is to nub, the mind & corrupt the soul to where they do his bidding , and their stupid enough to fall for it !!!

  • Tony Venuti Hedonism dam well what I feel like doing and what I feel like doing is doing whatever the "in crowd" is doing....I got be cool.....hip.....sucker....s....are you all for working so hard...and having no fun...imagine...only having a family, and things that require structure....hey...we "losers" partiers out number you, and our leaders although selfist to fault ....enable us....