Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby or Beast, Infantcide or Animal "cruelty" care more about?

Are you a good person or not a Good person.

A GOOD person loves animals but do NOT subordinate them to the LIVES of human beings,, child, infant or baby in the womb.

Dana more about lions than infants


  1. Interesting, FOXNews info babe calls it a " aborted fetus."
    Dana on the other hand calls it a "baby." Clearly it is a pre-born human being not a lump of ambiguous tissue that only becomes human after it crosses to the other side of the birth canal, Megan Kelly is it? I wonder what she would think if her mother had that same opinion of who or what she was before Kelly's mother actually gave birth to her?
    Clearly when you dehumanize the baby it aids in justifying slaughtering it and selling its parts for profit.