Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Silenced Majority NOT THE SILENT majority...We the People NEVER Silent


Exclusive — McCarthy: Conservatives Will Not Be Silent (SILENCED) About Online Censorship 


Last week, millions of Californians performed their civic duty by voting in primary elections.

If these Americans did their homework in the days before the elections, they might have encountered a disturbing piece of fake news: Google search results listed the ideology of the California Republican Party as “Nazism.”
This reprehensible smear was an insult to millions of California Republicans, living and dead — especially those who, like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, worked to free the world from totalitarianism during World War II and the Cold War.
But this incident was not merely an insult. It was the latest in a trend to stigmatize and silence Americans who do not believe the latest in liberal ideology.
The people most profoundly affected by this censorship campaign are conservative Republicans.
According to a survey conducted by Emily Ekins of the Cato Institute, nearly three-quarters of Republicans and 60 percent of independents said they keep some of their beliefs private because of the hostile political climate. Less than half of Democrats said the same.
The last generation of conservatives spoke of a “Silent Majority.” Today there exists a “Silenced Majority” whose views are not represented — indeed, are not welcome — in powerful institutions like the mainstream media and elite college campuses.



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I really wish upon a dream

The We the People would articulate THIS truth...correctly.

We the People have NEVER been silent....
The Media and the popCULTure....took our voice from us.  SILENCED we the people.

When the tree falls and no one reports it....it simply didn't happen.

The opposite of love is not hate..it's indifference....lets get this narrative RIGHT.






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    Arbitrators of the Truth. of Plausible Deniability......See ‪#‎conventionalwisdom‬ created by the vehicle PopCULTure....powered by the engine....Media....

    Controlling your every thought, dream, and anghst.


  2. Baby Boomers, the anti-WARgenerationists driven by popCULT, fueled by MEDIA


  3. The MEDIA made Silent that which was NOT SILENT ..shaping your belief system
    #silencedNOTsilent #silentmajority