Monday, January 11, 2016

NFL - NBA Racism, Black Privilege, 13% black...70% white USA population

NFL - NBA...Black Privilege or White Privilege

Imagine if Corporations were run the same way...they would look like the state and federal governments giving JOB preference over more Qualified "white" applicants. 

What WOULD the nba, nfl look like...

if the Ratio of whites in the population replicated the ratio of "diversity" in NFL, NBA teams??


Lets deal with simply FACTS

The NBA, and NFL are dominant Black participation. 

 Yet "white privilege" a trick back highlighting the false narrative of RACISM...

Facts....over 70% of America is "white."...  17% are black .

 There are many ideas behind is the FREE Market Place exercising itself.  The Better players get the job.

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