Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump Capitalist first, Conservatism follows....chicken and egg question...which is FIRST?

The exceptional CAPITAList Family

Patton's Speech ...George C. Scott
Trump is Patton,incarnate  

Chicken and Egg question..

Can one BE a Conservative without being a Capitalist First...

Can one be a Capitalist without being a total Conservative...

"Conservatism is the political manifestation of Capitalism not the other way around."

Lets BE real clear here

Trump NOT a politician....


Milton Friedman
Socialism is Force....Capitalism is Freedom

but someone who is a PROUD American see our beloved country turn to ameriKaKa.
The dynamic Capitalism....the driver OF Conservatism.....

This is a must, Must, MUST read...without Virtue, Capitalism will be perverted...see Cronyism....
this is MY belief....and to back it up...
This article...

Yet morality is impossible unless one is free to choose between alternatives without outside coercion. Since capitalism is based on freedom of choice, it provides the best environment for morality and character development. In addition, business success not only requires but also rewards virtuous behavior by participants in the market.
Morality Requires Freedom
All human beings have natural rights – either endowed by their Creator or inherent in their nature, depending on whom you ask – and have a moral obligation to respect the rights of others. Natural rights impose the negative obligation not to interfere with someone else's liberty. Thus, it is morally illegitimate to use coercion against someone who does not first undertake the use of force. The role of government, as recognized by America's founders, is to protect man's natural rights.

by Dr. Edward Younkins
Professor of Accountancy and Business Administration at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia and author of Capitalism and Commerce.

Conservatism is the political manifestation of Capitalism not the other way around
The #marxistleft has perverted Capitalism see #cronycapitalism #cronyism the same way we have Perverted the family #sameSEXmarriage

Democrat or Republican?...wrong analysis...after all...they are same

Conservative or Liberal? Wrong again...Ideology only here..

Capitalism vs the rubber is hitting the road...this is THE reality...this IS the question....this IS who the hell we ARE

#cronycapitalism is NOT capitalism

NO country ever took over the world in 200 years in all of civilization.

Europe, England has been jealous, pissed ever since we kicked their azzes for standing up for what WE risked our lives, dedicated our lives..

to the IDEA of individual LIBERTY....

To be the Boss of you...or to ....

Eat from a hand that feeds you on the condition of being ....

no one in particular....

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  1. Good point. I'm going to put this on my refrigerator and pass it around the internet.
    Best statement:
    "Conservatism is the political manifestation of Capitalism not the other way around."