Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The END of the DEMOCRAT Party. Deep Divisions split...their own DEMONSTRATING from the INSIDE the Nevad Democrat Convention

Things to come..

There are two ways to identify "who you are."


The first is to see who YOUR friends ARE....

The second is to see who your ENEMIES are.

As demonstrated in the Nevada Democrat convention see the Democrat party SPLIT, become destroyed as "they" claim the Republican party is doing.....really?  
the enemies...?  
Their OWN!

As demonstrated by PreTrumptive President Trump....
the demonstrators were ON THE OUTSIDE 'wishing' they could get it to disrupt.

Notice the enemies of the Republican Party ....just who they are they?  
They are the same demonstrators INSIDE the Democrat convention...all malcontents....
Perverts, all the ISM's represented that have help take our beloved country DOWN....

The Republican Party
The Democrat PARTY

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