Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The MYTH, the RUSE of the "Lone" Wolf....Turn the whistle into a song!

The "Lone" Wolf and the Dog Whistler  the Myth, the Ruse, 
falling into this trick bag Narrative 
keeps us from thinking of the obvious.

The OBVIOUS is AS follows...

A.  The WAR on terror has NO claim of ownership such a Flag or other identifying entity
       1.  This allows the burglar to steal from you while proclaiming he's just visiting your home while you are home.
       2.  Those who participate need to TRAINING..they know simply to KILL

B.  The Dog whistler are all those in power or who possess influence......

To end the lone wolves listening to the dog whistler ...
one has to AFFECT destruction on those who WHISTLE. 
You'll be singing instead of whistling before I'm done with you.
Success takes the energy out of those who believe they will get the better....
shown to them what the better is.

Bomb, Infiltrate, Annihilate THE dog whisler to such a degree that the new DOG WHISTLE suggests to the LONE WOLVES....
we have lost....stop the killing .....
WE cannot WIN!

When will meets way

we can create this reality of the DOG WHISTLE, soon to be singing a very different tune..

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