Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Democrat Party > PopCULTure> Communism...connecting THE dots.

 The Democrat Party the "Movie" 
Directed by the POP CULTURE

                             The #PopCULTure is The Democrat Party....with its Communist driven thinking.

Becoming #popUlarized is how one is compelled to be alike...
Driven by the power of Hollo-wood and the lame stream MEDIA.

The Playbook is simple and I do mean "they" need to keep it simple...
just follow the dog whistles of all the media pundits that spew the same EXACT message, often word for word.

If you wish to be accepted INTO THE popCULTure.....first deny God's existence...then...WORSHIP celebrity. 
Those that play with a ball, play make believe, or sing a catch tune.....use this "wisdom" in place of Traditional American Culture....'re a communist....

by DEFINITION....without firing one shot!
                                                 Doby Grey, The IN Crowd
Powerful stuff for those with little self image and the need to BE identified by those whom you "look up to in Hollow-wood"
The problem....too many on BOTH sides BUY INTO the popCULT and by doing so...are supporting the very TACT that is bringing

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