Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Elections, The Super Bowl, and The World Series, NOW most RUNS scored matter ONLY

My New Calandar 0001AT
The first year AFTER trump  
Before Trump vs After Trump
We the People HAVE spoken.....

Both sporting EVENTs were determined by GAMES WON....not by Runs or points (#electoralCOLLEGE)
The Electoral VOTE is GAMES or Points won or scored! Period.

OUR system of Government EXPLAINED precisely
The Popular VOTE is is winning sporting events by NOT winning the game but by scoring runs or points...

If you like this with it, create memes and posts....and lets KO the #shuckMEEETSjive

NBA NFL @Baseball @electoralCOLLEGE

Also...anyone good with stats....DO the MATH....find the years, that demonstrate my point take the total number of runs in the past world series and add the total of RUNS....

are they in sync with who won the series by the most amount of GAMES won vs Runs scored...

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