Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To Dominate via Virtue or BE dominated BY evil. Trump Warriror/Saint

President Trump just demonstrated, with his TECH security briefing and introduction of America's Mayor...
President Trump also illustrated just how he will DOMINATE the media, the news cycle, AND prevent #fakeNEWS to with over THE truth. A....

                                       Tuesday, 1/31/2017
B. Trump is demonstrating the Use of Heart, Brain and Soul......Trump is not feeling his think...He is thinking his FEEL via his STAFF of professionals that collectively KNOW all that he does not...they are called advisors...and it is they who have the INTUITIVE on narrow subject matter. It is Trump AS leaders who must COLLECT all the knowledge, collectively and make the final decision based on wisdom and ability to weigh all things that matter....
To Dominate or NOT to Dominate..

There is NO two co-equals....a no one wins tug of war...is NOT "leadership.

There are those who dominate who are Virtuous....(a rarity)
Then there are the remainder, MOST, in fact,  when able dominate ARE EVIL. 
Ask the Democrats, who are the Progressives, who are the COMMUNISTS....regardless of their name...see environmentalists.

We have been made quiet...afraid to distinguish evil from virtue - instead with EXTINGUISH #objectiveTRUTH to the perversions of the PopCulture narrative...

It is Trump and Trump alone who channels the SOUL....where is the should you say? It is WE the People who are the SOUL of America....and Trump is US....(see the Walurus....)

Friday, January 27, 2017

To Make America Succeed, to Make America Great...and last but not least...FIRST...

#PaulHarvey #IFiWEREtheDEVIL #ryanHOUCK #IfiWANTEDamericaTOfail

If I wanted America to Succeed

To Lead NOT follow
To Prosper NOT suffer
To Dream NOT despair
I would start with ENERGY

WITH executive orders, I would build pipelines NOW to provide Americans with an abundance of low cost fuels, we wouldn't have to take it by force we would simple put American's PRIDE back to work by Drilling what is already OURS.

This guarantees heat for our homes, fuels our cars, run our business and powers OUR economy without GLOBAL assistance needed.

We would make energy so cheap it would appear FREE after decades of GLOBAL dominated higher prices.

I would empower elected leaders to outlaw all laws that do NOT put America First!

I would first shut down the availability of illegal immigrants entry into our sovereign nation.

I would call radical Islam, just that….

We would outlaw all SANCTUARY CITIES, and provide teeth to laws that make criminal the politicians enabling criminals sanctuary, to include but not limited to jail time

If I wanted America to Succeed…

I’d bless our students by the re-incorporation of Civics knowing the lack there of has allowed two generations of children to learn Socialism over Capitalism, that promoted free sex, free birth control, over the responsibility of FREE WILL.
I’d fire all educators that promoted subjective analysis OVER objective truths, having established the politicized science is NOT science.
I’d call out ALL false narratives to include first the notion of “man-made” global warming

Reminding all that Climate changes ever three months with the seasons…..

We would remind all that our America cities prospered by the abundance of power and failed due to the lacking of abundance.

I would explain that taking our jobs overseas with perverse incentives leads NOT to the success of America but to its FAILURE.
I’d promote the importance of WORK as the first step to your self esteem further teaching students that the free market is the only force in the history of man that took someone from nothing to somebody rejecting the notion that America’s best days are behind us.

We would TEACH our students that CAPITALISM is the driving force and Conservatism and is how we communicate politically.

That capitalism is effectively your articulation of ones self worth.

We would CELEBRATE wealth creators as Heroes, NOT as demons…Displaying the high tide that floats all boats.

If I wanted America to Succeed, to Make America Great, AGAIN,….indeed to put America’s interest first…

I would with my pen, and paper shredder rid the shackles of regulators, their agencies and their regulation…

I would do so to 75% of them….with a single signature.
We would UN-complicat the complicated.

We would sever ties with bureaucrats, lawyers, and lobbyists that discouraged entrepreneurs with IMPOSSIBLE rules extinguishing similar big ideas that once propelled the industrial age allowing not just us to prosper but the whole wide world.

I would Celebrate not ridicule those understand supply and demand/what the market can bear.

And when the Hollywood pervs and the Fake MEDIA outlets ridicule builders and the creators of wealth we would replace the Main Stream Media by drowning them with Tweets thus controlling the news cycle…

we would ignore the media cries as we remind them…
that “We the People control the narrative NOT the same media that took out Joe McCarthy.

If I wanted America to Succeed, to Make Great Again, to put America First…

I would quickly remind the numerous bureaucracies throughout the civilized world that WE who give “YOU” money will no longer be able to bully us AND receive our good will in the terms of dollar.
For those who would not comply we will end the GRAVY TRAIN ….
We will empower our farmers to farm, our miners to mine and our loggers to log…..
and as a BUILDER…we will continue to build FREELY without encumbrances…
Further more…
because we LOVE free markets we would provide funding for entrepreneurs to unleash their creative potential.
We will show via the example that when you put effort and ambition into a goal its creates a value above and beyond JUST your self esteem.

If I wanted America to become Great Again, for put America First, to indeed succeed,

I would at every turn highlight the success of you, of me, of American’s one by one….
I would remind that for all those whose ambition equals the needs that free market provides we would celebrate them and encourage others to follow the path of self reliance….

We will benefit when those once convinced of their ability to succeed, indeeds succeed…
not in-spite of the challenge, rather... rising to the challenge

If I wanted America to Succeed, to Make Great, Again

WE make it dirt simple to start a business, to illustrate the esteem of earning a living is greater than the contempt learned from being dependent upon a government entity to which you are beholden to.
We would create MORE of all of this by the elimination of regulations that deter THE spirit of free will

To further Make America Succeed….

I would defund universities, bureaucracies and fundamentally transform all forces that up to now have allow “environmentalists” to RE-Define science.
We will provide STIPENDS for students who choose to study from an approved “America FIRST” university….

We will further pay for their education when a commitment is made to teach in distressed neighborhoods country wide.

If I wanted America to succeed..
We would go into the inner cities and bring light where darkness once prevailed.

We would create FREE Enterprise zones flood it with grant money to first clean up the blight, …

while simultaneously doing whatever is necessary to guarantee the safety to citizens fearing their own choice of expressing their free will by being A part of society not be apart FROM society…

Indeed, If WE wanted to America Succeed, to Make America GREAT again…to PUT all American’s FIRST….

I would APPEAL to the Virtue of We the People. I would only need to show them Europe, the Middle East, and parts of the world too numerous to mention. that "by the Grace of God, GO I"…Compels US to Make America Great AGAIN…..

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Democrats show True COLOR of Ideology (Marxist-RED)

Let there be NO MORE "doubt"
You can always depend on #communistLIBERALS poetically referred to as democrats TELLING on THEMSELVES.

Democrat BOYCOTT with PresidentTrump's inauguration displaying the true colors of GhettoCrats and LIMOcrats

You can always depend on #communistLIBERALS poetically referred to as democrats 
When you Boo God, Inertia occurs, "naturally."
The Law of Unintended Consequences



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CNN and other Fakers BRANDED #fakeJournalists

CNN, voted #1 Laughing stock in America today

Branded #fakeJournalists

Digging INTO the hole even deeper..

The media has #BLOWNitsWAD on their attempt to destroy our President.

#joeMcCarthyERROR coming full circle.....

Full Press Conference  1/11/2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why ask why when ONLY who and what matters. Moral Relevancy

All of these shootings....WHY?

Crock of Schitte....the Question of WHY.... means squat to me. 
 Who and HOW is all I need to know.

Motive is valid when LOOKING for someone
Motive is valid when CONVICTING someone...unless of course...you have them on camera or with eye witnesses....

The notion that understanding WHY will prevent similar action is simply a #falseNARRATIVE

Show me one murder saved because we knew others ...."weren't completely at fault...excuses of this, excuse of that,....#moralRelevancy is what is #fakeNEWS #fakeSTUDIES is all about.

Ft. Lauderdale report video

Moral Relativism is what is being incocated into our culture.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#PopUlarized, a psychopathic manifestation we KNOW as Liberalism A mental disorder

  Liberalism IS the Pop Culture...(tv)

How did the divide happen?
....the Culture divided.  PopCulture displacing American Culture...

all things perverted stem FROM the popCULT.
Marxist philosophy, sedition in our government...

re-education in the schools and universities.
Liberalism will always BEND to the PopCULTure..for 

A.  it IS a cult, and 

 Buffalo Springfield...a classic.

B.  they ARE the Cult...of pop.
This works out as precise as a mathematical equation is intended to.....
The Pop-Culture IS Liberalism.....just as Marx's and Engel engineered....

It started so long ago...the psycho-dynamic use of media to allow masses of people spread throughout the whole country to feel like they were ONE...
To become Popularized is simply the part of the human condition that once the re-Condition human identifies with his or her friends one hardly knows....
"The INN Crowd"

Go along, to get along...is what it is all about ...running along nicely in the subconscious.  
Its a twisted affair to have your VALUES intertwined with that of popCulture's. The fact is YOU CAN'T....and that's the hook.

You must disavow authority of parents, teachers, and ALL authority.  Remember, don't trust anyone of 30?

I call em the anti-war generationists
You fall into this trap with sex, drugs and fun...JUST for the fun of it...
Once TWISTED...it is no longer about right and wrong...but what the popCULT is telling you what is right and what is wrong

The PopCulture is perpetuated by "master minds"...in our universities, think tank..  (Frankfurt School) ...they align with the journalism "profession."

However ARTISTS control the narrative..

Just as Media and high tech met....Walt Disney days...Life imitated ART....it illustrated right from wrong...it celebrated our American traditional morality. 
                                      "Along came Mary"

The..as the song goes....along came Mary
the ARTIST...and as the left was taking hold in the mid fifties, and the 60's and all of the great music...
that all of us celebrated, in fact, helped...
demoralize America and the Pop CULTure was the antidote to our need of acceptance to behavior that ARTISTS via the use of persuasion in their art...

 LIBERALISM therefore is simply a state of mind that an club, cult, has to BE PART of it...their ETHOS is liberalism....

Liberalism IS the popCulture...the PopCULTure is Liberalism

More on this with the idea of Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism being all part of the "Masterminds" that do our thinking for them....

Armed with Hollywood and the Media.....you are able to control the message, define the terms, and keep the good will of "We the People"
....the last things on their minds..


#rushLIMBAUGH speaking of #nateSILVER538 's article....

on the idea of the #liberalBUBBLE

depending on the #conventionalWISDOM I speak of that has been CREATED by the #marxistMEDIA on going mission of shaping the belief system of WE the Dan Humphries


I recently reread James Surowiecki’s book “The Wisdom of Crowds” which, despite its name, spends as much time contemplating the shortcomings of such wisdom as it does celebrating its successes. Surowiecki argues5 that crowds usually make good predictions when they satisfy these four conditions:

Diversity of opinion. “Each person should have private information, even if it’s just an eccentric interpretation of the known facts.”
Independence. “People’s opinions are not determined by the opinions of those around them.”
Decentralization. “People are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge.”