Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To Dominate via Virtue or BE dominated BY evil. Trump Warriror/Saint

President Trump just demonstrated, with his TECH security briefing and introduction of America's Mayor...
President Trump also illustrated just how he will DOMINATE the media, the news cycle, AND prevent #fakeNEWS to with over THE truth. A....

                                       Tuesday, 1/31/2017
B. Trump is demonstrating the Use of Heart, Brain and Soul......Trump is not feeling his think...He is thinking his FEEL via his STAFF of professionals that collectively KNOW all that he does not...they are called advisors...and it is they who have the INTUITIVE on narrow subject matter. It is Trump AS leaders who must COLLECT all the knowledge, collectively and make the final decision based on wisdom and ability to weigh all things that matter....
To Dominate or NOT to Dominate..

There is NO two co-equals....a no one wins tug of war...is NOT "leadership.

There are those who dominate who are Virtuous....(a rarity)
Then there are the remainder, MOST, in fact,  when able dominate ARE EVIL. 
Ask the Democrats, who are the Progressives, who are the COMMUNISTS....regardless of their name...see environmentalists.

We have been made quiet...afraid to distinguish evil from virtue - instead with EXTINGUISH #objectiveTRUTH to the perversions of the PopCulture narrative...

It is Trump and Trump alone who channels the SOUL....where is the should you say? It is WE the People who are the SOUL of America....and Trump is US....(see the Walurus....)

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