Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smokin Out the Trolls and their "conservative sites ...Calvary Charge...

I"m going to be highlighting where they you know how to search
your own or others comments in a is easy on the upper right hand of groups, not pages, their is a search bar...key word or names you will find comments that relate to the search...

I'm absolutely FED-UP...with Trolls luring good people into sites that "appear" Conservative Like....just to harrrass and bully behind JIVE...non-sense.

These Occupy Wall Street types need to feel the flames of truth...that will put out any fire their loon gangs can conjure.

Thank you friends...for working on

Constitution by Go
Rush Limbaugh EIB....

I have challenged the admin to contact me an show me they are not agenda oriented a week NO -ONE has contact me....aaah...what does that tell you.

These sites are sensitive to being called out ...and having tried censoring me...I'm back in them...for they hate to see US see them and their hands in the cookie jar ...face spattered with chocolate...

I'm going to be setting up a blog that will highlight the names of these trolls, their sites...etc..

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