Sunday, December 22, 2013

Picket the Media to "The Power of Ten"I'm Mad as Hell + I'm not gonna take this any more!

I'm Mad as Hell + I'm not gonna take this any more! Picket the Media to "The Power of Ten"

Marshall McLuhan stated,“The medium is the message.” each medium controls the message; contemporary media outlets, i.e. NBC, ABC, CBS manipulate the message in order spread aninsidious pop culture mantra which opposes American values of Family and Religion.

In defense of the independent, self-reliant American Spirit- we stand strong against the pop culture media.  The American culture is the fabric that is held together by the glue of Church and Family. 

Our American MORAL compass has been usurped and replaced by Pop Culturists who deem evil as sexy, fun.

The Media’s long established relationship with the CIA as far back as the 40’s (see Operation Mockingbird) has not departed from its purpose of controlling the message.

The message is controlled by CONTROLLING those who impart information to the public at large.

The Media’s task is to be a check on the government’s denial of liberties….NOT to be a defender of government’s attempts at controlling “we the people.”

What can 10 people do?

The Power of Ten and the math’s equation tells it all. We the People of this great and wonderful land we call the United States of America…..will not relinquish our duty to uphold the Constitution of these UNITED STATES.

One Million people, divided by ten will each represent one Government supported media outlet, each of which will hold you accountable.

The Federal Arbiters of Truth and Objectivity (FATO) have decreed that only the federal government, in the hands of correctly thinking adults is to be validated, sarcasm not withstanding...the MediaOcracy is simply a description of such elitist behavior....that"We the People" will stand in opposition to the state run media complex....

“We the People” will no longer stand the demonetization of citizens, the Tea Party or any other constitutionally defined group or organization.  We are holding you, the Media, to account.

Conservatism isn’t radical…. Liberal politics that tipped the Canoe of Liberty must be righted and “We the People” to the Power of Ten will be, not a fly on the wall, but a hornets nest at a picnic.

We pledge to be part of the first nationwide media protest movement in order to change the adverse conversation being perpetuated upon “We the People” by YOU, the media…. we will not stand down.

I explain it in this ten minute synopsis on
A Ten minute synopsis on How and Why this will work


  1. Who's in it to Picket......The Media?

    I'm targeting Thursday the 8th....
    the Holidays are OVER ....I NEED action participants who are tired of the talk......(cheaper by the moment....too much supply not enough DEMAND....let DO IT....HELP.....!!

    Picket the Media.....Never more than Ten people at a time....never fewer than the Power of Ten

  2. Do'ers wanted..

    Today is the Day....Day 8 - in TO DO...DO, DO DO.....sounds like a Do WOP tune...(wait, an Italian's pejorative )
    if in Tucson please drive by and say hello, we're downtown at Grant and Oracle are...

    Time to stop paying forward and start paying back....(yes it's a
    Time to give to that which has given usA all so much....OUR FREEDOM...(it's not free....)

    Thursday, Feb. 13....DaY 8 "we ain't stoppin!" NBC Studio's tucson's KVOA...3pm -5:30... Picketing the ."the power of ten

    the have EVERY media outlet IN THE Country with no more than 10 no less than ONE patriot everyday...until they stop calling Tea Party and the like...radicals... we don't stop until MEDIA stops....the ridicule...