Monday, July 21, 2014

Tony's Pitch.....a Homerun hitter talk show pitch

I'm great content, unique, compelling story, passion.

I believe IT, they (the listeners) believe ME, they (the same listeners) Believe IT. = Ratings

Introducing a new breed of Talk Show host, a true rising star.

Please read totally, in 2 minutes you will be done and probably glad you took the time.

Picture yourself as Owner of the Yankees or ANY OTHER major league team.


You have word that someone from NOWHERE,
has come along claiming to possess the ability to throw a 100 mile an hour fastball. Admitting to only decent control, he would still need Improvement to be world class, he is who HE SAYS he is. OR is He?

Would you drop everything you had on your plate to find out if indeed there is buried treasure within reach…

Would you take 10 MINUTES to ELIMINATE this “seemingly waste of YOUR time?”

My guess is if you are not a “BOXED IN” type of executive and you believe in what might be OUTside the BOX…you would probably say yes…come throw ten pitches…We would like to SEE this…indeed who wouldn't…

Well, I'm your 100 mile an hour fastball pitcher and I'm asking you for 10 minutes of YOUR TIME.

Please don't mistake me for a novice whose “wishful thinking” is packaged with blind ambition rather than talent.

Please don't ask me to “pay my dues.”
They have been paid ten times over. I'm looking to be what NO ONE else is in the Talk Show circuit.

I'm smarter, quicker, more insightful (less inciteful), enjoy a vocabulary that transcends the streets into the academic squared. A Machiavellie of the 21 Century.
My rhythm and rhyme are entertaining to many.

A working advertising executive, Publishing successfully for 20 years after spending 15 years in and out of prison, my understanding of the dark side of life, has a unique understanding of how the wool is being pulled over the eyes as the mainstream media of today is contributing to the dumbing down of America...the promotion of negative behaviors and the apparent indifference of the consequences makes me a ONE of a KIND...simple as that..

Have a minute? err Ten minutes? (has many 2-5 min clips.

Listen to Tony Rant & Rave in Real Time. Giving away an Arizona Getaway!
As Publisher of Az Tourist News He can do this. Todays show archived, Have a taste of Raw, Primal Ex-CONservative talk thought few speak of, but many understand.

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