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29 year old Grijalva-Pres. of TUSD must go....subverisve leftwinger destroying Tucson's largest school district.

Key words here..  #grijalva ...with the Politically Party her daddy belongs to...her perv could not go on....

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When Pastor declared his candidacy, Torrez rallied the Tucson Communist Party club to join in the effort. Pastor’s victory in 1991 set the stage for Grijalva’s election in 2002.

Today Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva are members of the far left Congressional Progressive Caucus.
Grijalva was involved with the Communist Party well before 12002, as this article he wrote for the  Party’s People’s World in 1993 proves.
I, who live in Tucson...largest school district in the state....see the massive corruption...this is the beginning of the end of name sale Grijalva

How could a 29 year old become the President of Arizona's 2nd largest school district....? do you "say" ...Daddy.

member of the communist party.

TUSD in financial crisis, board kept in dark
Today outgoing Tucson Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Yousef Awwad notified the Governing Board members that the District is facing a $15 million deficit. According to Board member Dr. Mark Stegeman, there appeared

PLEASE NOTE-this AWESOME letter to the Superintendent by names not disclosed for FEAR of losing jobs...from 3 administers .

A letter from TUSD administrators to superintendent HT Sanchez.
    September 2014

    To: H.T:
    On our own time, a few TUSD administrators have gotten together to share our concerns about the serious mismanagement of TUSD.

 For months we have felt that we are heading straight into a financial crisis.

 As we prepared to get this out, the news hit on a potential deficit of over $15,000,000. We are glad that an expert will be hired to examine the situation.

The expert should report directly to the Governing Board. Those of us in schools feel abandoned, having to make due with little to support our teachers and students.

Those of us in departments keep experiencing the “sweeping” of our budgets with no control over our budgets. Some have not even been allowed to see their budgets.

 “TUSD transparency” does not exist. Even desegregation budgets are being “swept.” Now we know why the sweeping is taking place. What we see is that you have treated TUSD as your own personal bank account, funding YOUR projects without thought of the impact on students.

 How can you possibly think bonuses for those who go along with you benefit children? How does Ms. Tolleson’s extravagant salary increase support for the schools or students?

She represents only your interests. We are just fed up and, in writing you, we are making the effort to let you know that you are not as clever as you act and not as popular as you assume.

Recently you said that TUSD is the most political school district in the state.
You have made it so.
You are the most political superintendent in the history of TUSD; shallow on educational expertise and deep in the manipulation of board members and those who report to you.

    You talk at us and seldom with us.
The youngest of the site and department administrators are naïve about the emptiness you spout. We realize that your effort to get rid of so many seasoned and assertive administrators had more to do with your building personal support for YOU than staffing departments and schools with exceptionally qualified professionals.
You have frightened seasoned and strong administrators out of the District.

    By copy of this to many of our peers, community activists, to those involved in the desegregation case and to those who have the power to investigate, we are hoping that the facts in response to our questions will surface.

    We have many questions of you:

    -When you wash-out ALL of the budget reserve to use on YOUR projects and then make every effort to point to the state as the wrong-doer, it shows your level of immorality.
You have depleted Title I funding and you are attempting to misuse desegregation money. The audits were funded for PR purposes; now you mostly ignore or twist the recommendations that were made in the audits.

    – When you dominate every meeting by your incessant talking, we all wonder; do you ever want to hear any other voices?
Does anyone else count besides you? May it be that your personality has many deficiencies? Get help. Meanwhile, stop talking so much.

    – When you talk about Texas, Texas, Texas it is irrelevant to Tucson. Do you understand that we do not give a damn about Texas? Stop talking about your single reference point.
This is not Texas. If you miss it so much, go back! Stop the Texas references. Stories of how you get out of your truck to kiss the Texas earth when you return to the lone state are obnoxious.

    – When you profess to have a 3 digit IQ (most of us do) it makes it sound like you have a 2 digit IQ.
Do you honestly believe that we believe that you are an expert in everything? We don’t! You spout off on every topic as though you are its sole expert. You are not.

    – When your wife appears at 1010 and attends meetings; it is inappropriate.
Your wife is not the 1010 first lady and she should not assume the role. You should not exploit her or your children by flaunting them at professional meetings such as TUSD meetings, the Hispanic Chamber, etc. She is not your mediator or PR agent. And she should not be attempting to influence people who attend TUSD meetings on YOUR behalf.

    -When your wife attends professional development training sponsored by TUSD it is not only tacky, it is legally inappropriate.
She should NOT be attending professional development training at the expense of TUSD. (Is she applying the training to obtain Arizona certification?) It is a good thing she was not hired as a principal in TUSD. Keep your personal life to yourself!

    -When your wife enters a TUSD facility by using a security code, it is a violation of policy.
It is likely your code she is using, which you were not supposed to disclose. If any of us did something similar, we would be disciplined.

    -When you take out a loan for the day cares and spent all spring and summer advertising for the days cares, other things get forgotten; like K-12.
We checked Board agendas and it does not look like you got approval for the loan.

    – When you use insults in speaking about your staff,
community members, board members and others, it is rude and unprofessional. Your insults are all repeated.

    – When you use language that is disparaging, based on race, ethnicity or sexual orientation;
do you really believe that what you say is not repeated?

    – When you want to play games with the budget;
do you not understand that there still remain some staff who will not be part of the unethical conduct? (We wrote this before the 15 million dollar projected deficit hit.

    – When you question whether ‘the three people who speak during call to the audience the most- represent the community
- it makes you sound unsound.

    – When you tell a large group of individuals that the people who filed the complaint at Tucson High Magnet ‘will all be gone..’ it is blatant retaliation.
You may not like the fact that they complained but you should understand that YOU cannot punish those who complained based on the fact that they complained. (Steve Holmes, shame on you for doing H.T.s’ bidding.) Do you need to learn that lesson through the courts? Remember, there are now several witnesses to your statement.

    – When you challenge your bosses (board members) when they question what the administration is doing or wants to do- it is unprofessional.
That is their job. Do you not understand checks and balances? Stop threatening the board with your departure and learn how to be a superintendent. Stop being a whining politician. You talk over female governing board members and attempt to intimidate them. Stop the sexism. You are outrageously rude to Dr. Stegeman and Mr. Hicks and whether you agree with them or not, they are your bosses; treat them with respect. You are condescending to Mr. Juarez and pretentious.

    – When you mispronounce words and have the nerve to correct others it makes you look small(er). Learn how to pronounce curriculum? You are supposed to be an educator!
    – When you almost cross the state/church line-
it is offensive. STOP the religious overtones in meetings by having people stop for a moment of contemplation and group energy against those contesting YOU. You talk about the change you have brought about as though you have “saved” TUSD. It is offensive. You speak about good and evil as though you are the blessed one. You are not. If by change you mean disorder, confusion and turmoil; yes, you have brought about change.If by change, if you mean bankrupting the District- yes, you have brought about a lot of chaotic change.

    – When you interfere with the hiring processes- everyone knows what you have done to “wire” the outcome.
We know that there is a principal you hired who has NOT passed their state test. Yet, this is the reason you gave for not hiring a candidate that ranked above a board member’s mother-in-law. Stop tampering with the hiring processes. It has already burned you. Stop your pre-selection maneuvering; telling people that you are going to hire Lorenzo Lopez for the CRP Director months before any process is finalized. This just shows how corrupt the processes have become.

    – When you move administrators and teachers around like chess pawns it is bad for the District and paranoid of you.
Moving people out of 1010 so the “leaks” will stop is paranoid and retaliatory! If there is nothing to hide, H.T., why all the moves? There are more leaks now than ever…because everyone is watching you.

    – When you do not empower administrators they take their power elsewhere.
Your site administrators may not speak much during meetings but you should trust that they are talking a lot elsewhere. If any principal raises questions or concerns during any of YOUR meetings, it is understood that they are “HT blackballed”.

    – When you retaliate against those who have opinions different than you but who are devoted to TUSD,
it is another sign of your weak character. Your retaliation tactics have been exposed and at some point it is going to make headlines. How many administrators have you intimidated out of the District?

    – When you lie to the Board about teachers having all that they need, it is sinful.
Teachers do not have materials, textbooks, workbooks, etc. Problems with discipline continue, due to lack of quality training. A few power point slides is NOT sufficient to be called training.

    -When you lower class size at the last minute before school starts and only for the sake of publicity and not kids,
YOU wind up with a mess. You call this YOUR initiative; the Board did not vote on it except through the budget. This is NOT the way to adopt policy. You are not a Board Member. You may manipulate them (three of them), but you are not one of them. We have lost so much respect for the three Board Members who we believed were there to represent the students, parents, teachers, etc. They are there to serve YOU.

    -When you have various department budgets
“swept” these departments are left without the ability to do their job. This includes not being able to hire or purchase needed materials and supplies. That must be your intention.

    – When you cut teachers at the kindergarten level-
it has not been done fairly across the District. There are kndg. classes below 20 students at Fruchtendler (your neighborhood school) which have not been cut, while others have. This shows your lack of morality and fairness.

    -When you say that if A. Grijalva loses,
you are ‘out of here’- it shows that your destiny is closely tied to one single person. This is dangerous and does not say much about the depth of your work, which we agree is shallow. You are hurting her by making this statement.
    -When you think you are the slyest of sly, think again.
Everything you say is repeated in one fashion or another. Just know that. Everything you do is being watched. No matter where you move those who you believe to be “leaking” people will continue to talk. You, the talker of all talkers, should know that.

    -When you got your bonus; where did it go?
In YOUR pocket? Other superintendents have given it back to the District. You should have followed in this tradition.

    -When you put the Strategic Planning Committee together
did you inform the entire Board and the general public that Juarez’ wife and A. Grijalva’s sister were and are on the Strategic Planning Committee. You loaded the committee with your selection of TUSD employees, which was the majority of those who attended, and then manipulated members of the public into believing that they had contributed.

    -When you allow Adrian Vega to get away with harassment of all types,
you endorse his behavior.

    Your reputation for gag-ordering people is wide-spread; for taking retaliatory action against those who question you; for your use of Adrian Vega as your hatchet-man and for your vindictive verbal attacks behind the backs of anyone who “stands in your way.” Be a “man” and confront people with your attacks; otherwise, please stop the attacks.

    -When you lie to the Governing Board, administrators, teachers and the public…many know and many are getting the truth out.

    We will not disclose our names.
We ask Board Members to look into answering each and every question that has been put to you. We do not expect any level of honesty from you.

    Copies: Board Members

    TUSD supporters (please distribute to interested individuals)

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Tony says...where did the money go?  will heads fall? will filthy rotten liberal heads roll....I think so.....such the optimist...

link to the letter sent by admins.....

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