Friday, December 5, 2014

Fox and all others are the INFANTRY of those FundaMENTALly Changing America.

 Law and Order vs MOB and Disorder?

The Media is the FRONT LINE infantry to those forces wishing to "fundaMENTALly " change this country.....
going AFTER the Media...WE LOSE.  Period!

Without Fox News....falling in LINE with all others Perverted News Sources..

Second Guessing the system of LAW that "We the People" Cherish...

Before the Ferguson thing even cools off....while still RED hot...and realizing in their reporting that their SNAP to judgement in Ferguson was IN ERROR...

So what do they do days later..

The same Phuckking thing!.....the Right Left Paradigm illustrated in REAL time...err Reel time.

To REJECT the system on its face by the back seat drivers in the MEDIA is an indication of who NOT to trust and who to trust only a little.....

Fox news is a RINO network.....per the communist manifesto...take control of ALL MEDIA while capturing both parties

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