Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Take the Church out of Religion says Stanford's Dean of Religious Studies. PerV abounds...

 This is "real....and present danger..."  The fall of Morality.....please listen ...take a few notes...and share...

It's THE Culture, STUPID....economics is the left hand distracting you from the RIGHT hand.....FACT!...the proof..is the left DOMINATION of social topics...

Suckers, SAPs and worse...sissies.....are ruling the republican rino base.....Conservatives open your mouths and YELL OUT LOAD without FEAR of not being accepted...  see   #popularized



Perfect example of PerVisionAries...(tv) as discussed on Limbaugh's show today...(12/23/14.

A Blog by campus students wishing to inform those of the PERV that is going on in universities..

The church needs to focus more on art and less on religion and converting people in an effort to become less “churchy,” according to Stanford University’s Dean for Religious Life, The Very Reverend Dr. Jane Shaw.

“I think people are always slightly surprised that I’m not very churchy as a person,” Shaw told the Palo Alto Online in an interview.
 “I don’t think church is to be more churchy. I think church is about, anyone should be welcome.

 I’m really interested in how you welcome many different kind of constituencies, certainly not convert them, not even necessarily to do religion all the time.”


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