Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Letter TO RUSH....his fear of pushing back on the MEDIA antithetical to the way "We the People" feel...and WRONG

UPDATE 5/13/15
Rush..Baltimore PROMOTE the false narrative by speaking IN THE PRESUMPTIVE. Obama believes
"police presence is the cause"...

NO Rush...dam it....its shuck and Jive...false narrative...reject should be say...

Obama wants us to believe that the shootings etc..etc....NOT ...."Obama believes"  that is BULL
Rush, please DEFINE our TERM, reject fallacies of logic and all other false narratives

Rush...We are Exactly Alike....while BEING polar opposites.
We were both born in the 1950s.

You were born in the right part of town on the right side of the street.
I was born in the right part of town on the WRONG side of the street.

You were taught right from wrong, but never really confronted wrong until you were a professional.
I was taught right from wrong, but had WRONG staring me in the face daily. 

Your thoughts were not much influenced by the counter culture. 
Mine were infected by the pop counter culture. 

 You are a very successful talk show host, having grown in the industry, honing your craft to perfection.
I'm a WANNA BE successful talk show host, because I have LIVED the "ultimate talk show" since the 1950s. 

Though you learned of evil intellectually and academically, you understand it.
I have LIVED evil, through personal experience, and SURVIVED

When you lack logic, reason and deduction

The Media CONTROLS what goes into people minds...without attacking are giving that which CONTROL.

All military operations ..first rule...TAKE OUT...communications....
In politics...the MEDIA are the communications arm of the Communist, Democrat party

How would we attack the media...the same way they do "we the people"  you shame them you guilt them you demoralize their low hanging fruit called their make happen the discussion that SHOT down McCarthyISM...see McCarthy ERROR....

nothing works when NOTHING is tried.

Rather be WRONG mvng forward, than right standing still Rush,the MEDIA nds ATTACKING, not undrstding
@1:00:03 into this podcast is the caller I am referring to. On April, 8th 2015...
you had a called, a approx 1:45:00 into the show...You had a woman caller that articulated what WE “regular” people are thinking. 
This woman asked, “Why do pundits, politicians and others allow the treasonous media to continue charging us with false narratives and not pushing back?” 
She was like so many others that I have been seeing for so long – complaining about who the rain is not raining on, pooh-poohing everything. 
You responded, “What do you want them to say? Tell me what you would do.” 
The caller proceeded to do a lousy job of articulating her thoughts, while YOU proceeded to do an excellent job of articulating what the media would respond with.

However, both of you were wrong.  (not about changing minds!)

I compare it to someone picking your pockets. You know the hands of another person are in your pockets, but you will not confront them. That would require action on your part. It would require beating back the bully.

Take into consideration about what a bully will do. ..

A bully will continue to fight and bully you until the bully encounters some resistance. 
Bullies are cowards, and cowards don’t like to get dirty. In fact, most bullies will think twice before even being slightly beaten up. Once a bully is beaten up by their intended victim, they go off to find other victims. 
This is the way of the playground, and it applies in the modern world....
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NO bully likes to get muddied, FACT...and most bullies will THINK TWICE before being even slightly beat up.....this is the way of the playground...
Like YOU, I'm FED UP and I'm not taking it anymore...

KVOA-NBC affiliate Tucson
I fear....when one is comforted such that "their" reality is effectively protected from the "RAIN DOWN on US
Until one gets wet..."not happening to ME" will prevail

Picket the Media, ..confront THE BULLY!
Facebook page - Picket the Media to the Power of Ten 

Hundreds of photos at KVOA... 

On a mission to take
USA down

A Train wreck...OR a Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse - Obama by definition

The Shadow knows...shuck and jive...

600 two hour programs over three years 

Tony's AWESOME memes


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