Sunday, July 12, 2015

See TRUMP Run...No teleprompter, No FEAR, PURE PATRIOT>SEE TRUMP RUN. Muli-links

Filling the Vacuum the MEDIA creates

See Trump Run > Watch TRUMP re-BUILD 

a "government" into a Government of the People...f

or the People...BY THE People...> See TRUMP RUN

Phoenix Speech 7/11/15


Trump filling the VACUUM left by anti-americanists. Pro We the People

Las Vegas speech

More Trump LINKS

Watch TRUMP, literally tear this "repeater" to exaggeration. 

  This is too good WATCH TRUMP beat up....Katie Curr


  1. Do you know if the Donald is for Fairtax?

    By the way, do you know if Boortz stopped pushing fairtax because his fraud was exposed, or they quit paying him?

  2. an alternative to IRS as currently IMPOSED on us.....not too I'm