Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump,playing both ends against the Middle. Democrats rejecting anti-American rhetoric flooding to Trump...


When establishment Democrats reject AmericanISM...

When establishment Republicans reject AmericanISM..

is a recipe for a THIRD party via DEFAULT.

We hear often...."A vacuum left to itself does NOT remain empty for long.  In comes TRUMP...

I am the Third Party

 Great Trump MEMEs...Please feel free to use them. What's YOUR FAVORITE..please reply with yours....



  1. Those are awesome, Tony! I'll pass them on. My favs: Batman/Robin 16 years and cheap ammo gun ... lol. I'm far-right conservative but for Trump all the way, for all the reasons we supporters "love us our Trump!"
    Obama has been the Great Divider.
    Trump will be the Great Uniter, the embodiment of the Establishment's collective worst nightmares.
    Who wouldn't want that?

    1. we're on the same page.

      Thanks for the comment....