Saturday, November 26, 2016

The living Dead & the REALLY dead Vote for Democrats...proof is in the truth

When you hear people say that Hillary won the popular vote .....

vote, much less by 1 - 2 million, if you can, please ask them if that includes the 4 MILLION dead people registered to vote as of November 8, 2016, or the 
3 MILLION illegals who VOTEFRAUD.ORG documented as voting.  The media is in a very dangerous state of denial, and we need to wake up everyone we can that these are the same people who rigged polls to sh
ALSO, IF YOU ARE ON TWITTER (I am not), please tweet Trump and Kellyanne Conway opposing Mitt Romney as Secretary of State and letting Hillary and her foundation get away with all the crimes they committed.  Candidate Trump promised that he would 
appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton crimes, and he has a special responsibility to live up to his campaign promises when at all possible – as this is.
Voter Fraud Proof - 18 Million Invalid Registration & 2 Million Are Dead - Donald Trump - Lou Dobbs
Proof Donald Trump Won The Popular Vote  (2 (more) critical videos)
Media campaign attempts to steal Trump victory

Alex Jones | - November 24, 2016

Donald Trump didn’t just win the electoral vote – he really won the popular vote too.
Evidence shows that millions of illegals voted and that the names of dead people were also used as well.
The same corporate establishment media that told you thousands of times that Donald Trump had no chance of winning is now pushing a national movement to have Trump’s victory overturned.
WATCH: Proof Trump Won Popular Vote / Dems Trying To Overturn Election
VIDEO: VOTER FRAUD PROOF! 18 million invalid registrations, 2 million dead, 2 or  more million illegal immigrants and how many votes were switched?  All voting to steal it from Trump.
"...PEW research report shows that 1 in 8 voter registrations are significantly inaccurate or no longer valid, suggesting
further that some 18 million invalid voter registrations in this country, nearly 2 million dead people...that is dead...are 
listed as voters, and they got friends who apparently keep them company on Election Day."

The Elections, The Super Bowl, and The World Series, NOW most RUNS scored matter ONLY
My New Calandar 0001AT
The first year AFTER trump  
Before Trump vs After Trump
We the People HAVE spoken.....

Both sporting EVENTs were determined by GAMES WON....not by Runs or points (#electoralCOLLEGE)
The Electoral VOTE is GAMES or Points won or scored! Period.

OUR system of Government EXPLAINED precisely
The Popular VOTE is is winning sporting events by NOT winning the game but by scoring runs or points...

If you like this with it, create memes and posts....and lets KO the #shuckMEEETSjive

NBA NFL @Baseball @electoralCOLLEGE

Also...anyone good with stats....DO the MATH....find the years, that demonstrate my point take the total number of runs in the past world series and add the total of RUNS....

are they in sync with who won the series by the most amount of GAMES won vs Runs scored...

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