Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Boomers, Unintended consequences squared. Tak...

  Simply put, the one reality has been replace by indifference to “what is.” It’s been replaced with ifa, coulda,  woulda, shoulda,  thereby invalidating the rules of nature and he universe that we should be following.  And we as the older generation have said nothing, which means we have given it our blessing.

      Our children, today’s active young and middle age adults, grew up lacking respect for their parents.  Yes, EVEN contempt for them… The toys we exchanged for love and attention, simply weren’t enough…..Dah!….. We left out the most important part of parenthood.  As such, we earned their CONTEMPT!
(You made the bed, now sleep it it.)

The Communist Manifesto: Baby Boomers, Unintended consequences squared. Tak...: For what it's worth-The Buffalo Springfield. listen as you read my thoughts....(tv)     Baby Boomers, Unintended cons.

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