Sunday, April 7, 2013

MediaOcracy, State-run Media exposed a fullfledged PARTNER

MediaOcracy, State-run Media exposed a fullfledged PARTNER
15 YEARS in an out of a dozen Prisons....I KNOW just how evil Rolls.....


Archived broadcast.

The #1 Enemy is the ENGINE that DRIVES our Culture....Period...

#picketmedia Picket the Media - to The Power of Ten

Think about Corporate America OWNs Main/Lame/Blamestream Media….
The indoctrination of our children via SCHOOLbooks inbedded into our nationwide school system is the "Canary in the Mine Shaft" 

of what Obama, and the Avatar within, is making the play for RE-Engineering of America….in Obama's OWN words...

CHANGE>REFORM>…and they almost got us..  

The structure of this new government trying to take shape is as follows

The MediaOcracy, one that is governed silently by Wall Street/Corporate America, administered by the Media, supported by celebrity culture and pushed forward by our Politicians who could care less, as long as they are in charge and with power suitable for them to look the “other way.”
Wall Street, with  their Lobbyists
Corporate America, with their Attorneys
Advertising Agencies
Labor Unions, and Special Interest Groups allow fodor for politician’s false agenda in behalf of the the Bankers, and such up top.
Per Direction of the Communist Manifesto

 Great LINK...Memes to All of the 45

The MediaDELIVERYsystem is one that capitalizes on the human element “Ignorance is bliss.”
As such this system utilizes two other key elements in this TRIAD.
1.Freedom of the Speech, and the abuse/misuse the same.
2.Celebrity, the notion of 15 minutes of fames is now..I want to be famous, everyone else is.
With the liberal media in the drivers seat their duty is but one. To spin, promote and otherwise confuse the obvious, while the power of suggestion are encouraged to the ends of their self interests.
The MACHINE that makes this work can be illustrated using the visualaide
Vehicle with Wheels, Engine, and Chassis!
The wheels this vehicle containing MediaOcracy roll on is ABUSE of the 1st Amendment
The Pretty Chassis, shiny and all, is the “Culture of Celebrity.”
Last but without it nothing works….is the engine, the gas if you will, WHAT MAKES it ALL GO…is 
THE MEDIA.  Without the media’s advise and CONSENT….Obama would be alone.
Pop-CULT-ure is Liberalism...with Media the Engine that makes it all GO



    Presstitutes: Reporters and Journalists totally in-bed with Liberalism, Democrats and ‘This President’ and his mis-Administration.

  2. thanks, David..the Tricks are citizens and the pimps are the politicians.....meanwhile...the whores in the press...ARE Press-titutes....ON all too many street corners...

    Hookers, lies, and sink USa...

  3. Join me and others Thursday the 16th of January....give the gift that keeps on giving....Truth....

    Pete and I were at KVOA a few days ago....once the signs were up...the Gloves were put on....Baseball Gloves....
    For an hour we passed...knuckle balls, curve balls abound and the slowest strings/fast balls my ego would accept..
    I 'm going to challenge any one of the Men or Woman at have a chance at either challenge.

    They won't be able to catch my best fast ball.
    They won't be able to get any of theirs past me?

    ..c'mon i'm 63 years young kids....

    person with video camera needed...

    AIDA approach to marketing...Attention, Interest, Desire, Action....we'll get their attention....ignore us only for so long.....

    Give the gift that keeps on giving....Truth....Happy with the nothing....NOT Happy? I have a plan...

    Picket the Media...

    Make this a Hobbit ..defined as a Cause that you MAKE your hobby and make it a habit....= HOBBIT

    I'm Mad as Hell + I'm not gonna take this any more!

    Picket the Media to "The Power of Ten"

    Media...Liberals ...the Genesis...

    Age of Enlightenment (philosophy)
    Age of Disillusionment (despotism)
    Era of Omission (Media distortion)