Saturday, February 28, 2015

ReDefined the politics of STOLEN Heritage - Nothing is black or white in the spectrum OF Color

Have YOU BEEN RE-DEFINED? Redefine and Conquer ‪#‎redefineandconquer‬

Divide and Conquer ONLY succeeds when LABELS are manipulated...

1. To REDEFINE your heritage to that of a color
2. To DIVIDE by the color (that has redefined who you are)
3. To CONQUER those who don't have allegiance to anything anymore.....certainly NOT a color.

 NO black, NO white in the spectrum of Color

To be manipulated you MUST agree to BE A SUCKER...

White? Black?...ready for this....NO SUCH COLOR

The ONLY color that matters to TRUTH is CLARITY.....

 The only color I know is be or NOT to BE ...CLEAR!

Don't allow YOUR waters to BE muddied!

Those who divide look to CONQUER BOTH 
Making enemies of US makes the both OF US....Suckers!

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