Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Victim is to BE cool. Blues is a Victim...Example of "Cool" Brian Williams victim

 Liberal Blacks define RACISM with actions

Singing the Blues...without one note played or sung.

Once upon a time....a blues singer...could NOT sing the blues if white...(you didn't have it bad, like we did)

So in order to be a legit blues singer..you had to be a VICTIM....this made you COOL...music + misery = COOL.

it has evolved....
Now Blues singers have little to do with the downtrodden
in fact.

All you know have to be to BE cool is to be a victim....
the easiest way to do that is to BE OFFENDED..

Now you are a victim....
now you are cool...
and you can't sing or play a note....how rich is dhat!

No longer have to play the blues to be cool,
 (remember when U had 2B victim to be validated play the blues)
 you just have to be VICTIM now to BE cool, the need to play THE blues, no more.

I'm amazed that people, pundits and those "in the know" 
DON'T know....
what it is with all this make believe STUFF.

Simple Human nature to want to be cool...
the pop cult-ure has trained us...
to BE cool you have to be FIRST a victim.  
Have it too good...then you are to FEEL guilt.  
Don't buy this false premise.

Victim rules the world via the guilt trip suckers are buying..



"You can't play the blues"...you have experienced PAIN....

Is how liberal sees the victim...and thus IS precisely HOW...the Brian Williams Theorem rolls.

Think about it...

Hollow-wood....loves ACTING and becoming WHO they are "playing."  They are in a world of pain....make believe is their REALITY...

Thus WHO THEY ARE...is simply Not enough..

Liberals CREATE image to distract from their lack of PERFORMANCE

Now lets square that one more rotation with those who READ the NEWSnot.  

They are tired of being the information WHORE...if actors can do it on the screen...

I can do it on the NEWSnot. 

 Isn't this what Brian Williams was thinking...?  
Isn't this what Hillary is thinking when she makes up a story, since proven false about taking fire when she traveled into the war zone...

                           Lies ...1966 The Knickerbockers


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